New review: Spartacus 12.10.2017

The 1960 film “Spartacus” under the leadership of Stanley Kubrick is remembered by many viewers as the most ambitious and epic spectacle. However, the movie, which many know and many love, might not be. Shoot that loud tape was interrupted numerous times. Changed the filming location, script, actors, Directors. Actor and one of the producers of the film, kirk Douglas was all the time dissatisfied with something. One word — hemorrhoids. Yes, so that he, Stanley Kubrick called the film “Spartacus” of their worst work. But all these efforts of people, most of them trying to please the producers and the Studio, were certainly not in vain. The film is the 1960 years with a duration of three hours and still looks great. Besides, it cannot be denied that after the film adaptation of “Spartacus” in 1960, the filmmakers undertook to demonstrate the story of a slave who has become a hero, not once. At the moment there are even two series.

The plot consists of historical information about Spartacus and the great Rome. And it’s worth noting, in this picture the story is not so strong and distorted. Is it only in some details. For example, in fact, Spartacus served in the Roman army and later deserted, and neither was a slave from birth. Also the Board of the garrison of Caesar should not even be in this film, as he at that time was not yet formed. Spartacus was not the only leader of the resistance, as was shown in the tape, but only one of several leaders. In fact all the rest of the pattern exactly follows the patterns of history.

The Roman Empire shows a very majestic and beautiful. The government really causes awe, as the rulers of Rome. A huge variety of decorations: columns, deities, temples, training grounds. Uniforms of Roman soldiers, gladiators looks very authentic. But it’s flowers when it comes to large-scale battles, arena battles, the film still looks good. The extras and minor actors, actors for the lead roles perfectly doing their job.

Himself courageous, confident, powerful hero, and kirk Douglas demonstrated this perfectly. His speeches are passionate and motivated, his actions are aimed at freedom and the kind of hero you actually want to empathize. Besides, it is very appropriate here looks love line with sweetheart Spartacus Varinia. Actress Jean Simmons is beautiful and sweet, she’s not just woman that need to be rescued, she is as strong and bold as Spartacus. For her want to be sick, she’s a very nice character. Also, don’t forget about Laurence Olivier, Charles Laughton, so much that he played a significant role, not tainted by historical figures.

Musical accompaniment from composer Alex North true heroic epic. She makes you believe in the legendary Spartacus — the man, who was a slave and became a hero, a legend. Music and hits on all the senses, forcing the emotion blazing from such extreme pressure compositions. Kubrick’s direction is amazing. This is a good example of how gradually increasing the pace, the story motivates the hero to the most heroic feats ever had. Just a tutorial on filmmaking for aspiring Directors. Kubrick is very wrong saying that it’s his worst film. The Maestro did not know that there are worse.

“Spartacus” is a marvelous painting. Epic peplum, combining the drama and story. Strong movie despite the length, it is still very fun to watch. And no matter how much time has passed it is the movie Kubrick will be remembered. And, of course, will remember Spartacus — the slave who became a legend.

New review: Spartacus 12.10.2017

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