New review: special Forces 13.06.2017

First and foremost, it draws attention to a mistake with the name — Yuri Serbin and so messed up — Yes, this can not be! Most likely the movie is when he’s in our country got another name in the caption was, such cases are very rare don’t — got version, where the local localizers decided excessive imagination exercise, with her name and translated, the benefit of the languages he knows enough, and the road then stick to video easy here since this lapse and haunting. Anyway, the model name, in this case, it does not spoil anything — the meaning of the film because of him has not changed. There is rather a trailer with a good knock can — looking it can be configured that the spectacle will have fun, sort of entertaining movie, and in actual fact… But all in good time.

The film takes us to Korea, first in southern and later in Northern. Yes, the North Koreans all the way to Americans ‘ enemies — some of the main they to this day remain. Soviet Union, keeping the bipolar world on the planet, has disappeared from the map, what his successor at that time imagined we all remember and had to create a new enemy — the idea of the film is perfectly evident and she became a cause of the main conflict. However, in order to thereof, to get the most impatient spectators gathered to watch the shooting, will have to wait, because shown at the beginning of the operation, which was to set the tone for all further action, into a display of grueling workouts on the Rangers, who can withstand the most severe or stubborn.

The main character Victoria Kathleen York — served in the CIA office in South Korea. After removal from the case she could think of nothing better than to become a Ranger — well, the choice of actress for this role looks a bit strange, this model looks very silly she looked deep in mud. So, stop in the dirt? Here’s the thing — not to say that she and the other girls on the belly of kilometers traveled otpaivali — too clean and neat they looked, but there probably is a problem of the staff of the film than the Actresses, because they are the best of their forces and capabilities tried, not allowing the viewer to get bored of watching the lives of their heroines in a training school and out of it they have enough reliably — as it really should be because not many people know, so the fault will not.

But training is complete, the first combat mission patrolling the DMZ — for those who do not know, this is a demilitarized zone that separates the two Koreas, though considered a neutral zone, but that’s another side of the matter is different of provocation in it, make that more like jokes than can lead to serious conflict, so the status quo in the region safely maintained. And this is where it all starts. Error in orienteering — and the squad is not where it should be.

Then events start to develop with kaleidoscopic speed. The deaths of their comrades — Yes, it’s not a clichéd action movie, where die only enemies, and the heroes max wounds. Don’t know who the final will survive because the status of the main character instantly overshadowed and now she’s one of the few. An unexpected encounter with commandos of the HART — Michael biehn once again plays a military and once again does it well, what a pity that this actor is capable and very diligent, unlucky on the role that the film will fail, and the rarities record. Men, in contrast to girls about their appearance is not particularly care, creating a somewhat odd contrast, like dirt it selectively aims.

Further — more. The tension builds and the characters are experiencing in the present. Betrayal. Captured. Nuclear detonators. The threat of a real war in the region — the Yankees, out of my home, bringing you into the policies of other States-the climb, without you a lot would be quieter. But if we ignore the political subtext, which, fortunately, still a bit, then the output is a very nice Thriller about an ordinary soldier caught up in an extraordinary situation. Let they are mostly girls but who said that the female sex in army banned? And because your humble author is not clear what the audience appreciate it so low — or they are really trailer, unrealistic expectations threw? In the collection you leave, give an assessment

8 out of 10

New review: special Forces 13.06.2017

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