New review: spider-Man: the Return home 01.10.2017

If you add up all the appearance of spider – Man in film and television will know that he regularly catches the eye of even people not reading comics. Therefore, the image of the hero at everyone, still were all raised on different works about it, so each new adaptation is doomed to a comparison with the previous host. I understand that the beginning of the path of the newcomer in the school years character, a good bet, but I like this spider is still not close.

The plot of the film almost entirely made on the templates of the origin stories of superheroes, though it was tried to dilute the youth Comedy. And if not a great villain story and all would become not interesting. Although what I call the Vulture played by Michael Keaton the villain not dare. He is the anti-hero striving for high goals, but uses criminal methods. And if not for the intervention of the hero, he would not have endangered the lives of innocent people.

The main hero of the entire film behaving like a juvenile idiot, which he actually is. At great expense he constantly endangers human life, and then save them from the consequences of their own irresponsibility and krivorukost. And on top of that we did not know him for real, the whole film, he almost shows no strong emotions and shows no memorable character traits.

Yes, the film is efficiently delivered, as well, and all tape Marvel, a lot of jokes including good. Tom Holland despite the controversial acting, looks good in action scenes, plastic movements he had become a hero. Well, maybe my not-so-positive perception of the tape is because this is the third incarnation of the character on the big screen and he has time to be bored.

After watching I wanted to see a separate film about the Vulture, but not a new film about Peter Parker.

6 out of 10

New review: spider-Man: the Return home 01.10.2017

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