New review: spider-Man: the Return home 26.07.2017

So today I was bored and I decided to pass the time in the cinema at this “„masterpiece“”. Frankly, I myself are a big fan of this series and could not miss an alternative history of the spider. Analyze characters:

Peter-the boy who possesses superhuman abilities along with a high-tech suit can’t protect the city from crime. From the first minute we see the helplessness and confusion of this young talent and only at the end of our favorite neighborhood spider-Man by chance “Wins” all the hated foe, the vulture.

Aunt may appears in the form of a rather attractive young woman, which certainly looks like a plus sign in this series is a huge nightmare

Tony stark – that’s who my hero! he could kick your ass villains can along with the FBI and save the life of spider-man, being somewhere in the trip:D. In fact, he pulled the film purely in my opinion. The charisma of Robert, as always, is impeccable and she helped to achieve such high ratings.

Now get ready for HAIGHT

Flash the given individual of Guatemalan origin (Elegantanna isn’t it?) throughout the film, humiliate and offend Peter, for which he can never punish Eastern friend, although UPS units the size of a small house. I really appreciate when everything is done according to the Canon and then I immediately went to the gap pattern (Seriously, you can Google Flash and you will be given a normal flash, not this Guatemalan copy).

Elizabeth Allan God, worse than the character in your role couldn’t pick up?,the girl did not look in the frame, and done it again(not Canon). Love the line in the film is virtually absent and does not give the emotion that was like the first three movies (with Tobey Maguire)

In summary I can say that I expected more, the film is in any case not a failure, but he was far from the first pieces of Spider-Man.

New review: spider-Man: the Return home 26.07.2017

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