New review: spider-Man: the Return home 26.07.2017

Marvel this year was pleased with the two films relating to a single kynoselen, but at the same time, stands out sharply in the world of this universe itself. One of them “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, which is quite natural: the source is quite original. But the second atypical, strangely enough, was “spider-Man: coming home.” We are not talking about an unpredictable plot: superhero movie still severely limited scope of the genre. Even the same “Deadpool”, for all its originality, roll on the track of the story of “Good triumphs over evil”, like the tractor. No, in General terms, “spider-Man” about it, too. But! It’s a superhero film, is cleared of all superhero.

There’s no foil goodie, tearing the chest of the shirt screaming: “I have to save the whole world (city, woman, people on the subway, dog — underline)!”. By and large, there is generally no one saves.

There are no spherical villain whose position is usually amply explained with phrases like “I win, I will kill all humans and become ruler of the world, because I can!”. Probably, in real life, power over the world — too much trouble.

“Spider-man: coming home” tells a completely human story, cleansed of pathos. This story is quite simple. There is a young man, almost a child, who desperately seeks not even to make the world a better place, and just find your place and become useful; and there is the world, which cost nothing to help the guy in self-determination, “to put his energy in a peaceful course”, but — hands do not reach, there are more important things to do, but he’s just a kid, etc. Vital? Yes, I would. In this story, in this superhero — believe.


Interesting, not a typical scenario. The successful combination of the superhero blockbuster with the youth Comedy. A lot of non-trivial scenes: the diner, before the ball, that interrogation scene it!, of course, the scene with the interview — brilliant!

Good humor is fun, light, funny. No hint of vulgarity. The jokes about the Flash Thompson — just brilliant.

– Of course — the acting of Tom Holland and Michael Keaton. Keaton in the role of antagonist is beautiful, his playing in the scene going to the ball — it’s just aesthetic pleasure! And Holland… Well what can I say — Yes, it really seems to be the best spider-Man. Garfield in this role was good. Tobey Maguire in this role once broke my heart and fell in love with the comic book movies. But Holland is another. This is what is called “authenticity”. He’s exactly as he should be Peter Parker, friendly neighborhood spider-Man. The transformation complete. The impression that he didn’t have the film to play a single minute — just the camera is periodically turned on and recorded it in different moments, sometimes heroic, sometimes not activities.

– Special effects — what to write for a long time nothing. They are good as always from marvel. Suffering from acrophobia to watch the film with caution.

– A wonderful tie-in with captain America in the role of teacher and wise teacher.

– Wonderful, just a masterpiece of the second scene after the credits! Bravo!!

– And of course — the key idea behind the movie. The main thing — not a fancy suit. Not a superweapon. Not membership in the ranks of the Avengers. Most importantly — who you really are and what you can do. At the background of the key ideas very funny look all the other characters of the CME, with their ekzekutueshme, stones, strength, vibranium, and so on.

Cons — just say, absolutely subjective.

How was a good choice actors for the main roles, as failed recruitment of many of the secondary characters — and their presence in General, and the actors who played them. Marisa Tomei is a beautiful woman, do not argue. But replay should be able to. Her every appearance in the frame was turned into some kind of Shakespearean tragedy — why? But in contrast to her Laura Harrier whole movie went with a face expressive of the log. Well and as here already wrote — again the notorious political correctness in casting. I know this is a tribute to the era, but should at least be some logic after all. Why turn a two-meter blond Jock football player in a small Guatemalan, if it becomes unclear how this change manages to ridicule Peter Parker?

However, this is minor. Each occurrence of Holland redeems all the flaws in the acting of the other characters.

In General — positive, atypical, interesting and fresh film.

9 out of 10

New review: spider-Man: the Return home 26.07.2017

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