New review: spider-Man: the Return home 29.07.2017

I guess I’m one of the few who had pinned this picture a little more than relied. The first movie with Toby was like a beautiful picture, but annoying caricature characters and dialogues which created the impression that the film tries to be nice with you as a small child. The second restart with Andrew liked action and a certain amount of film Noir. Me in a special way attracted the gloom of what is happening, but the characters are not memorable, and the characters occasionally wanted to empathize. Antagonists looked flat and were forgotten after viewing. We must pay tribute to that in the second restart still felt the touch of the spiritual anxieties of the hero:the self-sacrificing to protect the city from danger, or to live a normal life.

The third restart attempt I went the most unfortunate. Instead of a superhero with internal methane, with constant problems at school, lack of funds, we get a silly schoolboy with a fancy costume, in which he had not fully understood, no wit, no charisma.

Secondary characters also leave much to be desired. Flash Thompson, the once cocky classmate Peter so skillfully highlight the inequality in society, has become a boring nerd. Aunt Mei has become a dream of the fantasies of high school students than a full-fledged guardian of the hero. The vulture was lost in a cybernetic manner of exoskeleton left faded. While watching I had the feeling that I really wanted to see a full-fledged antagonist, who would be charmed by its hallmark of other faceless villains. The dialogues reminded of a text version of the script “Minions”. The creators tried to squeeze sickening “GYY” is a witty joke silly pereglyadyvaniya and awkward silence.

For me, a new adaptation of the gum, but without the taste. It does not want to peresmatrivat

New review: spider-Man: the Return home 29.07.2017

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