New review: spider-Man: the Return home 29.09.2017

I love the films marvel. All superheroes with personality, full of courage and endowed with a healthy sense of humor. Their exploits and actions is always interesting to watch, I always empathize with them and was rooting for Cap when he and Tony fought. Ho-Ho

But the story of Peter Parker an unpleasant surprise: no humor, no intrigue, no colorful characters. And Tony stark totally messed up (see below).

The plot is simple as a penny: spider-man must stop a gang of arms dealers and the weapons it is made of alien material. All.

All 2 hours of Peter Parker’s not enough trying to resist the three filthy gangsta. In the role of leader of the gangsta Birdman — Keaton, which is from the rest of the gang is a suit with ohranenii wings.

Tom Holland is so gray and uninteresting that it becomes boring already at the twentieth minute of the movie. Guy stupidly runs around the screen and lets the cobwebs from his hands. If you want to see how shkololo trying to fight crime neighborhood watch “Kick-ass” there and the jokes are good and HS not having superpowers is much steeper and more emotional.

One of the most colorful characters of marvel, Iron man in this movie on the strength of 10 minutes of screen time. Here, Downey Jr. plays Iron man, crazy guy with a great sense of humor, and a grumbling grandfather, who mutters and macalisterthe:”If you’re nothing without the costume, then you don’t deserve it” Chee-in?! It, damn, not Tony stark,”billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”who created Ultron and challenged anyone who stood in his way. Hell boomy pensioner whose ass is drying up. If the rumors that this is the last film with SUITCASE, then I know the actor who would want to play at the age of 53 such vulgar ancestors with the fixation on “correctness”.

Total. The film is boring and not a superhero. In it there are no heroes, nor bright actions, no unexpected twists, no funny moments. Very sad that marvel released this mediocrity.

4 out of 10

New review: spider-Man: the Return home 29.09.2017

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