New review: Split 26.07.2017

Yes, the film is certainly not for the faint of heart (not that there was some kind of sick, like dismemberment, no, everything is injected with a direction). It is in principle possible to understand and according to the trailer, I agree — the whole movie is like that. If you like movies about psychopaths — you here. One of the advantages of the film can be noted as always the unbeatable game McAvoy, well, as a nice touch three young girls prom age (and roughly the same appearance). Girls with his role doing too bad, especially… I psychopath is also seen in childhood, and facial expression they were about the same, but there is one image in the whole film, McAvoy’s performance as catchy for a long time (he even manage such psychopaths, remember, “Mud”, for example).

A budget of only $9 million, the fees are the same at the moment — $ 277 million(!)

Of course, it would be a sequel.

New review: Split 26.07.2017

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