New review: Spy 27.07.2016

Can first good? But the picture is not bad — the country, travel, race, Jude law, and Melissa is great in this role, although very similar to yourself in the cops in a skirt something, but honestly for the sake of it and I watched, waiting to see what that movie will take the best (there also disadvantages), that is about the same! but in a different film with a different filling, but the filling is pumped

But the General outline is just super, but the service… just like me personally discourages ever reviewed this film simply because I was NOT pleased to see so many murders in such a way, and jokes related just shocking (the scene in the French courtyard — for those who have already seen). I don’T like is the amount of vulgar and vulgar actions, words.

This film just leaves me feeling embarrassed for whoever the thing has been written, so fuck up the overall design of your sick imagination — as if someone in a public place drunk and took his pants off.

What is missing in this film? Sense of proportion and sense of reality — I don’t believe that most people will like this continuous obscenities.

Although, maybe there are certainly fans…

would have given this same scenario, but a man with intelligence, he would have done something good to watch not even once, and so — alas and Ah! are sorry and how they make the actors play in these films? no way — it’s either blackmail, or in dispute

New review: Spy 27.07.2016

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