New review: Stalker 29.09.2017

Tarkovsky made one of his best films, in my opinion, quite able to turn some whose view of the world.

Stalker is unique in its structure the movie not being a literal adaptation of the famous novel Strugach, and only, film based, allowing Directors to bring in the known universe something.

The undisputed advantages of pictures are: excellent camera work, brilliantly-chosen acting and excellent dialogue, some of which can be taken for quotations.

In my review I’m not going to argue over the meaning of this movie, but only because, as I have noticed, in this film everyone can find something for themselves. The main issues raised in the film are: the question of faith, question the strength of the human spirit, the question of how it can be interrelated science and faith and to have become a picture from the novel Strugatsky question of what people want really.

Tell Tarkovsky story, surprises us by the simplicity of the narrative. Hiking in the Area is presented as something almost everyday. In spite of this, the viewer quite quickly understands the basic concept of the story and start to worry about the main characters.

From me, of course, 10 rooms out of 10.

New review: Stalker 29.09.2017

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