New review: Star 05.10.2017

“Earth, Earth, I’m a Star!”…

It was strange for me, but 8.5 years ago, I was in awe of this film. So do not hurry with the review. But it was clear: most likely, at that time happened nedostroi for this kind of movie. That’s why I figured one day I will review this film.

Today I said to myself that the film is very strong! And serve it very, very interesting! It is withdrawn and transferred as if it were still the Soviet pattern. The focus put the story of the scouts. Yes, in some places you can and cling to them. But that’s not the point. (I’ll tell later about it).

The situation is that because of the events, the soldiers of the Soviet Army gathered into a group of scouts-saboteurs with the aim to learn about the plans of the Nazis and stop their offensive. But now I’m not going to take on the retelling of the details of the plan of the officers.

Then the other. Shows the voltage. Shown dedication and sacrifice. Yes, some of this tension was in abundance. (I said I’ll tell you about it). That’s right every moment something threatened the group. And at the last moment his own Fate favored. Don’t get me wrong, it is very difficult in terms of the experiences the film. And as for me, with regards to the happy ending… (Although… do not say anything on this subject).

The film is not replete with some panoramas of the battles. Like for example, overly pretentious “Stalingrad” Bondarchuk (I mention this film only in terms of special effects). The aim is to show that the idea of flawless performance military and a civic duty! I’m telling you, the movie is more similar to Soviet than Russian. And in the Soviet Union were able to remove so that it took for the soul.

The actors still were amazing. Igor Petrenko (Lieutenant), Artem Petrenko (Sparrow). Even Alex Panin then still looked wonderful. It is clear. Because he played before went crazy and began to shock the audience. Alex Kravcheno! He does has experience acting in films on the theme of the second world war (recall his role in the film, which shows the fierce ad, “Come and see”!). But Amadou Mladkov memorable only by the fact that shamans around the fire yourself charms. (if someone does not understand who we are, it Acutaine played in the TV series “Soldiers”). Well, the radio operator Katya is Catherine velichenko. Remember very the fact that was often on the radio:

Star, Star, I Land!..

For those who like movies about the Second World (or more specifically — about the Great Patriotic war), — definitely recommend. I ever watch this movie. Just not soon. I was crying while watching. I have really aching soul…

10 out of 10

New review: Star 05.10.2017

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