New review: Star trek: discovery 04.10.2017

A fantastic adventure in outer space is my favorite genre in the movies and on TV. I watched the entire Franchise, “Star trek”, starting with the very first series with William Shatner, as captain James Kirk, and ending feature film J. J. Abrams today, and I like this movie universe very much, although JJ has claims…

The Canon of Star trek — like any popular franchise, “Star trek” or “star Trek”, has its own storyline that fact, or otherwise, binds together all the episodes of history, and established a set of certain rules that guide the main characters and traits of the characters of these heroes, plus moral principles of the Saga as a whole — the essence of the story and characters that the authors want to convey to the viewer.

The Canon of Star trek I would describe as the right “light”, where the characters are guided by the humanity, compassion, obedience to the law, the desire to do the right thing, to be honest, to work in a team, not to harm unless absolutely necessary. The captains of star Trek are the mainstay of all of the above, no, they of course, the ideal was wrong and they “breaking the rules” and subordination, but, with what we presented in discovery, it was not even close.

Discovery is a retreat from the Canon began with the beginning of the series — uncompromising rebellion in the first two series! Clearly the spirit of the Abrams — up to Kirk, in his film, so brazenly, in star Trek, no one rebelled! For me personally, this series is not very much, but not because of rebellion but because of the fact that the war with the Klingons started too corny, and the General atmosphere and the main characters are not very “hooked”. But the third series I found much more — we finally showed itself to discovery, his team and the captain — and here begins the full “antikaon” the original Star trek Gene Roddenberry, in which prisoners would never call “garbage”, and neither “a star trek” captain, I never said — Rules — for lackeys! Exceptions — for kings (C). And never kept to his cabin beast mutant that killed the entire crew of an entire spaceship! Add to this the secret development of weapons banned by the Geneva Convention, give a rather gloomy Gothic atmosphere and design of the ship, and get a rather interesting and “watchable” batch new “kosmoopery” that science fiction fans don’t often indulge in recent years. But it is, or what side — not star Trek! I have, at times, in General there was a feeling that I’m watching the second season of the recently published Space or sensational in the last decade — Battlestar Galactica. But I liked it, if you continue in the same spirit — will be very good and maybe great!

7 out of 10

New review: Star trek: discovery 04.10.2017

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