New review: Star trek: discovery 10.10.2017

His first Star trek I watched as a kid, and it was 25 years ago.

And now, I’m not a child, in the 21st century, and released a new series of the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery.

First, very pleased with the picture — gorgeous graphics, great scenery and costumes. Of course, technological progress of the 21st century contributed its mite and technical progress of the century 23 — we see a hologram of the internal conveyor and even Wacom Shuttle technology, which when captain James Tiberius kirk (and the events take us to 10 years ago, and we see what happened on the DF before the events of the Original series) was not. But I think this is a definite plus, even though these innovations and break Canon, Yes. But! Is the genre of fiction, and the principle of Gene Roddenberry — Our goal — to boldly go where no one has gone before — should limit the viewer within habitual vision of the world, not allowing them to look beyond the horizon, beyond the familiar forms of things and events? Especially crazy to hear criticism of the series, based on the fact that the series is not white women hold officer positions on Board there are people of different sexual orientation — in an age when people are looking for peace! contacts with other civilizations, stereotypes have to stay in the past. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations — the basic principle of Vulcan philosophy, without which people have nothing to do in space.

Discovery not enterprise, it is primarily a warship, as once designated captain Gabriel Lorca, the newest ship of the Federation, which conduct experiments of varying degrees of dubiousness and experience a completely new type of engine that allows you to navigate anywhere in the universe in seconds.

The team is highly heterogeneous, and each has its own character. First officer Sarah, kalininets who feels the approaching danger, naive and inexperienced cadet Tilly, engineer and developer of the technology of the new engine Lieutenant Stamets, who obviously don’t like but have to work under the command of unclear until the warriors Lorca, bold and inquisitive Michael, all shown at the moment, the characters memorable and interesting.

The plot thickens with each series more and more, and it’s certainly not that naive-artless Star trek what we are accustomed to see. It is darker, tougher, more Mature. Here we explicitly show the back of the Federation, that previously remained behind the scenes.

Of course, if you want you can find any inconsistencies, mistakes, but let’s be honest, unless they were not in the old series?

I hope that the series will continue to show the stated high expectations that we will see new worlds, new discoveries will be something to think about, and perhaps even change something in yourself.

10 out of 10

New review: Star trek: discovery 10.10.2017

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