New review: Star trek: discovery 27.09.2017

When the network appeared the first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery — I came across a huge wave of criticism, frustration and pre – “in absentia” low ratings against him in the comments. And people can understand, Star Trek is a legendary franchise, and to discredit her any unsightly spin-offs, though difficult, but possible. However, in spite of all the “strained” network, I decided to watch this show in the hope of a more tolerable action adventure (this is the first submission I have created after watching the trailer).

After watching the first series I was thrilled. Series atmosphere reminded me of the game Mass Effect 2 and this game is my favorite. Encounter with an ancient evil, a full-scale conflict, flashbacks from the past, funny aliens with their quirks and worldview, heroism, heroism and more heroism. The spirit of adventure, which was famous for Star Trek has not gone anywhere in the series. Heroes at risk to save each other at any cost, sometimes even not very good ways.

However, not all so smoothly. The main characters (two girls) personally I was not too pleased, the first time even got on my nerves. However, as soon as I get to know them a little better with the flashback and the irritation is gone. But still… I would Like to see male role at the head of the captain. Two girls at the head of the plot is hard for me personally. Too many emotions, too much expression. But not critical.

It is worth noting enjoyable villains with a personal motivation that drives them to be “evil”. The Klingons are revealed here as the Klingons, they speak Klingon, they act as the Klingons — that’s what I would like to see in the series. And I’m sure viewers will find many more pleasant surprises regarding this race of aliens.

I would also like to note the details that make Star Trek: Discovery really gukovskii Sci-Fi. Details like a fully developed computer interface of the ship, which is nice to be considered paused, voice HUD of the suit for the spacewalk, which describes all procedures in detail, as it is really needed, and so on and so forth. Did here worked, and therefore the overall picture creates a sense of sophistication.

In the end I want to say that waiting for new episodes eagerly and hope that the series will not slow down his pace set in the first two.

Live long and prosper.

New review: Star trek: discovery 27.09.2017

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