New review: star trek: Infinity 28.07.2016

If you don’t know what science fiction you do not like to think and analyze, or love enough everything that makes American cinema — not read the review, it is not for you.

We promise at the end of the second film? The crew has finally matured and is ready for a serious study of deep space, meeting with the unknown, the unknown. But the scientific approach of what is happening on the screen shows its falseness is already at the point of entry of the ship into the nebula with the sounds of the strokes of lightning and thunder, and that in the vacuum of space.

Disappointment is also called inoplanetyane everywhere are humanoids. If the writers there are no new ideas, they could use the ideas of the original series, “New generation,” “Deep space” or “Voyager”. Fans would like for the reference you just say thank you. But no, the entire Grand potential is minimized to a small local conflict with the “aliens” on the planet. There is not one new or at least little known scientific idea, very poorly.

The enemy on the planet had a hundred years to build the base, establish its defense and attack plans. But a thousand well-armed soldiers with several hundred remotely controlled fighter just looks at driving a motorcycle Kirk. Made undoubtedly beautiful, but where is the good?

In General, the formulation of the action scenes are very weak. For example, Uhura his thin little hands pounding on the armored storm troopers, and even spreads them. Or absolutely vague Jeyla fight with the best soldiers of the enemy. Although jailbreaking and its dialogues make a bit of variety in the events on the planet, but it does not protect against the common prevailing despondency. In addition, it is the desire of the main villain all to explain long ago tired.

Roy’s idea is interesting, but not in the way it is made. No small boat will not be able to penetrate the multi-layered plating of a starship. I have the feeling that Roy invented for the sake of the only worthwhile scenes in the movie. Attack of the spaceship on the swarm under the “classical music” Beastie Boys “Sabotage” worthy of the highest praise. And although the idea itself is as dumb as a computer virus infecting an alien spaceship in the old “Independence Day” episode just gorgeous.

To assess the effects in the science fiction film with a budget over 100 million is meaningless. Composer Michael Giacchino has done alot, no one remembered a song he did not create, the main musical theme no. The only valid new track is the lead single of Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer”.

In the end, the film is weak and definitely the worst of the series, just disappointment.

New review: star trek: Infinity 28.07.2016

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