New review: star trek: Infinity 28.07.2016

When J. J. Abrams left the bridge restarted them kosmoopery about the crew of the starship enterprise for another galaxy far, far away, and on Board is a rose Justin Lin, many have begun to Express doubts about the future prosperity of the franchise. Well, in fact, what else to expect from a man for several years, removing only one “fast and the furious”? Obviously another “fast and furious”, but only in space. The first trailer these fears are only confirmed. A short video, followed by rumbling peals Beastie Boys, bore little resemblance to the two previous films in the series. And, as it turned out, this is the best that could happen happened in the end with the triquel.

Don’t get me wrong. Abrams is one of the most influential and talented Directors of our time. But we should admit that most of his films are not only high quality, but low emotional intensity. This is especially true of stories about captain kirk and his team. The first “Star trek”, “star trek: Nemesis” was a fascinating and spectacular representatives of the adventure sci-Fi, but present in both pictures lowest and even sterility is not allowed until the end to feel the history and start to go through the characters in full force.

“Infinity” (Beyond the original subtitle can be translated as “Beyond”, “beyond” or “Beyond”) is also quite naive and in the spirit of the series, launched half a century ago. The same colored turtleneck, communicators, cots, funny-looking blasters and cute picks with a straight Vulcan Spock. But something has changed. Justin Lin did what he was waiting for — who fear, who hope — poured gasoline and threw a match. New “star trek” became more rowdy, dynamic and action-oriented than before. Moreover, it opens immediately. The first part of the tape very static — there is a lot of talk, just one, albeit large scale, martial scene, and the plot is blown so steadily that it is possible inadvertently to doze off.

The situation is changing, the narrative cross the equator. First, the screen shows a brand new character — strong and independent alien jailbreak, played by Sofia Botellas (the girl with the artificial limbs are blades instead of feet of “Kingsman: the Secret service”), and secondly, Lin will release the sleeping an hour action of genius and give the promised “fast and furious”. Jailbreaking is a master of martial arts and an expert on man-made traps, and kirk (Chris pine, if anyone has forgotten) are satisfied enemy humanoids diversion, while sitting on the bike. All this is so great, that you do not want this scene to end. But it ends, it seems, only in order to give way to a sweeping climax, his production and the concept referring to the final air battle of “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Of course, the tape is not without flaws. In deep gaping plot holes (the most ambitious scenario of the course Simon Pegg and left coming out of one of the team members), and the much-vaunted second bottom local villain, by contrast, was quite small. Yes, in the final, we still reveal his motives, and it turns out that he’s so evil after all, not because he has a bike there. But the question of whether it was necessary to call for this role Idris Elba to hiding his charisma under several layers of makeup, and remains open. In addition, attempts to represent what is happening on the screen of pseudo-scientific fiction at some point turn most of the dialogue in a chaotic flow pseudotechnical terms. So it is better to accept at once, because in some ways there is even a no charm.

The word “charming” best describes the new “star trek”. There are a lot of good jokes and Hochma of every second character. Justin Lin continues to push made even from the same “Rev” on the topic of family, team and teamwork in General, and it works. For the previous two parts Abrams has assembled a great cast, and Lena remains nothing how to improve it. So if for the characters and not worry, then at least take a strong liking to him. And even “star trek” soaked that rare sort of fantastic romance, when after viewing the pictures I want to come home, collect from cardboard boxes, chairs and blankets are a private enterprise and all night to give orders to an imaginary crew. No matter how old are you — 10, 20 or 50. In the end, where you saw a film in which the music of the Beastie Boys literally used as weapons? Now there is one.

New review: star trek: Infinity 28.07.2016

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