New review: star trek: Infinity 31.07.2016

For starters, anyone who has ever watched “Star trek” (Yes, but not stupid Americanism “star trek” or “Star Trek” TV series/ movie, he is obliged to congratulate this great and ambitious franchise with the 50th anniversary.

“Infinity” has a large enough budget in 185 million dollars, promoted a PR company and a lot of stars, had a hand in creating. Reboot the franchise in the face of the first movie of 2009 and the sequel “Nemesis” 2013 brought many of the modern (very important aspect), innovative ideas and incarnations, adhering to the canons, and respect past works. All this became possible thanks to the unsurpassed JJ Abrams or less successfully replacing (at the time) it of Justin Lin. Of course, a huge role in the perfect execution of all the Director’s decisions played a stellar cast.

So, paying tribute to the franchise, expressing in General my affectionate respect to all of the great history of Star trek, run, briefly expressing an opinion only on the basic criteria trikvela.

Plot. Not going to lie, watching what was happening was basically interesting and the overall story of the narrative the writers continued to reveal. However, there are some questions. This picture trailers, promotional posters and slogans dubbed as a “varivestis” on an alien planet. And what we saw? Nothing what was promised. Instead of elaborate stories of survival on the aggressive planet with hostile locals, we got the mount, just the mount Ararat, often obscuring the action. It is this and only this and put my feelings of disappointment and frustration after watching.

Actors. There is really nothing to complain about: all in their places, the “old” members continue to delight the eye, and the “new” perfectly fit into the universe. To list all makes no sense. Just note sexy Jilu in the performance of Sofia Boutella.

Must watch absolutely every inhabitant of the planet Earth. However, their assessment will specially underestimate. It’s a shame that this franchise has added great humor, corrected a picture in a better way, but blundered with lengthy, unwise and often inappropriate action. Because not long before “Transformers”?!

6 out of 10

New review: star trek: Infinity 31.07.2016

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