New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

When I left the cinema, I felt that I was at the funeral of his best friend. Moreover, at this funeral, the priest hinted that my best friend now will be resurrected, and then he himself began to fill the coffin with earth.

Sorry for such a purely emotional stretched epithet. I understand that my feelings do not matter. Let me tell you about the movie:

Just talk about the psychology of the writers. Imagine a person who loves 4-5-6 episodes and hates 1-2-3. A lot of people in the United States. The demand is there and the offer. The writers were guided by only these two criteria to create a movie, nothing more. 7th episode just blatantly copied the 4th, eighth constantly copies 5-6 episodes and hates everything that emerged in the first three. The Jedi order? Hate. Policy? Hate. Sith? Hate. What the Sith was in the old trilogy? Do not care, I hate you!

But the problem with this position is that most of the information about THIS we got from the new trilogy. Old was intimate adventures of a group of rebels in a conditional world. And refusing a new trilogy we are left with nothing. Again, the crap about the Force, again a crap about the rebels, again, the crap about how the rebels run from the evil large ships. All great movie based on the creation, and not on hatred. You cannot create a good movie, just renouncing something. You need to come up with something based on an existing one. And they have nothing of his from the old and good they refuse. It’s a dead end. The maximum, which was enough fantasy authors — a-side in space with reset bombs. In space, Carl! During the battle, Carl! Artillery? The mortars? No, send ships of the line without protection, filled with bombs to those dropped. I thought this insanity in space, and I will never see it. And they’ve invented a great new dreadnought. It differs from the old one that he more. Cool.

What universe is THIS different from other fantasy universes about space? Right. The Jedi and Sith. Without them — it will be another boring and pointless soap. What was the Jedi in the old trilogy? Nothing. The rebels would have blown up the Death Star without the help of Luke. What was the Jedi in the new trilogy? Generals, ambassadors, soldiers on the front line, sages and mentors. They participated in the life of the galaxy. Who are the Jedi in modern vyser? Again, useless gadgets at the right moment can move rocks with my mind. However, this technique can cope well, but cheaper, of course, use of the Jedi. At the end of the film there was a time when the film is downright screamed, “right now, the Jedi in the new trilogy to do something awesome, right now he does anything mind-blowing, Megawati, something the brain is blowing up right now here right now here here… well…” not. Drained great shit character and leave us with clowns, capable of moving pebbles and pinching people’s neck.

Separately want to mention the fighting in the light swords. In the old movies (all) it was evident that this lightsaber, i.e. the hilt and nothing is weighing the blade. Hence the ease of movement, speed.. Forget it. Now the battle lightsaber look like heroes waving their sticks with the center of gravity is somewhere in the middle. Swords get stuck permanently in the bodies, they are brandished as some sort of two-handed 10kg clamorous. And the battle between force-users and normal soldier with a stick looks like a fight between two soldiers with sticks.

Imagine that in the 6th episode you can just fly to the Death Star and how a Corvette on autopilot. Enable jump-jump and punch the Death Star through? There are two options, either this galaxy is retarded, since she didn’t need it (but mentally retarded would not have been able to build such ships, we need scientists), or the writers of the 8th episode of the mentally retarded, because they don’t even know the laws of the universe, according to which making a film.

Sorry, but the difference between the creations of Lucas and the creation of Disney visible to the naked eye. And it’s not the difference between a pineapple and cherry juice. It’s the difference between juice and water with paint. Visible absolute mediocrity. The original ignorance, or willful denial of all of the 1-2-3 episodes. Just in General, under the net. If it was not. You can not build anything on one of hatred. And they are not built. They’ve built the same, only more stupid, more senseless, more clownish than it was in the old trilogy.

Well, we have the record of the first six episodes. It is good that they can always be revisited. Will wait for something good from contemporary creators in other universes. Jeez, even formulaic TV series from marvel is significantly better than that. There at least they create something of their own. And then marking time, not knowing what they want: to spit 1-2-3 episodes or to develop the universe further.

6 out of 10

New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

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