New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

I was very surprised when leaving the theater. In our postmodern era in the movies, when action and adventure films are stamped with the same blueprint, come out of the cinema filled with some bright sense of hope was very strange.

Previous film of the series left a very mixed feelings, and with them doubts about the fact that Star Wars shot next time. My trip to the cinema was marred by a large dose of skepticism. However, during the review process it became clear that the phrase one of the characters in the trailer for “All is not as you expect” fully describes my feeling of the film. In the first film of a new trilogy by the mouth of the character of MAZ the Ropes of the Studio suggests to the viewer that it’s time to stop clinging to the past. For me it was the most powerful emotionally infected by the spark of the film, its main implication. Bone audience would have to accept that it’s time to leave the past in the past. In the new “the Last Jedi” this idea is of paramount importance.

Directed by Rian Johnson certainly pleased with the lack of childishness inherent in many blockbusters from studios like Disney. The film breathes a kind of realism, sometimes turning into a satire. From the “good guy” you don’t expect madness, from a wise mentor you can not expect a child of fear and uncertainty — all of it here, as it happens in real life, where nothing is black and white there are always shades. The brain believes it and it is very conducive to viewing. The concept of Mary sue smashed into dust, and each of the characters evolved over her. Adolescent and stupid heroism of Dameron (Oscar Isaac) is faced with a harsh reality and punished and it teaches him humility. Selfishness Finn (Joe Boyega) under the pressure of circumstances is replaced by the ability to work in a team. Kyle Wren (Adam Driver) breaks away from his mentor and learns the role of leader. Rey (Daisy Ridley) is faced with the reality of the history of Luke, jadah and their parents that their way is pushing it to adulthood. Each of the characters grows over itself. While watching I had the feeling that many young people in the audience recognize themselves in each of the heroes is growing through the acceptance of reality without embellishment, detachment of coach/parent therapy of selfishness and youthful maximalism — the characters on the screen are held together with their young audience.

The film is not without its disadvantages, the main of which is the extreme vranesti and the fact of the story due to the overabundance of characters, the border between primacy and secondary role which is barely noticeable. Questionable tendency of films of recent years — an attempt to push nevpihuemoe — not spared and the new Star Wars. A great number of stories of countless heroes impossible to fit into the already large 2,5 hours so much they do not cut back. In the end, the whole movie you have to strain to not lose the thread between the thin as silk and successive with wind speed plots. Many of the primary characters of the first film of a new trilogy almost forcedly pushed into the background. Other characters and is so cut that a little insulting. Take captain Fantasmo — what was her potential — and how banal and boring the finale. The second flaw in this film, I would say that many critics on the Internet called “made by fans for fans”. In the film there is a huge number of characters from the expanded universe, not knowing where a huge part of the film is perceived only at the tops. Have to sit and read the extended universe and going on view again. And of course, realistic and Mature the film was slightly marred by a few Hollywood stamped dialogues, which drove the nausea.

Despite all these shortcomings of the film, its main task is to charge the viewer emotionally and psychologically — he did. The entire film is permeated by the idea that we must move on. Throughout the new trilogy the old heroes are dying one by one and in their place come new ones, which grow and grow on you. And rightly so. Life moves forward, like this bone oldfagam, whining that Star Wars is not a cake or not. Luke Skywalker, Leia organa, Obi-WAN Kenobi, Han Solo, and other favorite characters gave us in his time a great story that led us to the camp Star Wars fans, but their time has passed. Star Wars move on to new horizons and all the loyal fans of the franchise will be there. And I’ll be there.

New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

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