New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

So, it all started with reviews from film critics. They instilled in my heart a timid hope that this time the franchise will really start healing and renewal, we will see the usual new universe and choke in deep and unexpected turns. But…

I came into the gym and sat in the chair. No drinks and popcorn, just pure spectacle.

And here it is! Launch titles, familiar music. Well, today I will not disappoint! The first scene — the first ringing blow to my expectations. What is it? My brain does not understand, if he went to another “Avengers” or other marvelously a slap of the industry? And this question had me for the whole picture. It arose in several situations.

1) When the characters were “superheroes”(and this happens often and there is no Power here there is nothing).

2) When the writers tried to make a joke. This caused copious feyspalmy, but fortunately was not too often.

3) When needed plot twists and in General, any moves.

To evaluate the “last Jedi” without spoilers is difficult, and I don’t want to ruin your impression of horror and misunderstanding. Let’s just say in order.

1) Characters: a Little new way opened up and became clearer. All the rest remained hazy sketches of stereotyped characters on the canvas of the films. Another had a chance to open up, but the muffled dialogue and poorly written character’s actions leaked into the tube all by turning it into a degenerate who does something without knowing why.

2) the Plot: a Partial repetition of the “Empire strikes back” and “return of the Jedi”. The repetition of individual scenes. At the same time, what happens between these scenes still fails. That is, the characters act without clear motivation, and often all moves are made “just because”, which is the risk of losing saggy during the session the jaw.

Own attempts to make unexpected plot twists and lines are divided into two groups — first, it’s “God from the machine”. Something with someone happens, but it is not necessary to the plot, the film and the rest of the characters, and by characters on the screen, so this happens randomly.

The second part of my own “notions” really good — it’s actually an interesting story of the discoveries, ideas that can change the world. But.. . again disappointment. These moments are enjoyed and thought out so indistinctly, as if them tells a drunk man in the middle of the bar, his neighbor hours 6:00 am, and you trying to listen to what he says from the other side of the dusty hall, which has already started to work cleaners.

And it’s not “narrow-mindedness” of my perception or “deep meaning”. This is a banal inability to submit conceived in an adequate form.

Many liked the cute animals and funny moments. But as my wife said, it’s “cute garbage”. And often just garbage. As, for example, characters of “tolerance”. It’s all empty. Line these characters do not affect anything. You just think about. There are characters. are doing something, but nothing comes, while they do not die, and their failure means nothing. And they just go back to the original.

However, my favorite moment of the whole film, this is a small story line with two and a half turns, which is possible because(describe the metaphor), “Vasya and eat cakes. Vasya friends. Our task is to eat all the pies but not to eat cabbage pie(otherwise we will kill). I propose to break all the pies to find out which cabbage. Bob says I’m a moron and threatens to eat all the pies. (and it directly contradicts our common goal) In the end, I take from washi tray of cakes, trying to find cabbage pie, and then comes the mother of John, beats me, gave Bob back the pies and he tells me that he knew what a cabbage pie.”

Note the question. “What the hell Bob was hiding from me that he knows what a cabbage pie, if the detection of the pie depended our lives?”

3) Nerealistichno and fantasiesthe of the film. Yes, I’m aware that initially THIS is not a Canon of science fiction, and conditional Ewoks, the field for criticism, and not able to shoot “the natural born killer” attack. But in “last Jedi” characters, except those that are not necessary to the plot — they are immortal. Moreover, they even impossible to hurt. And they don’t even fear for his life. Here at all. How can die people explosion ejects into space(obviously breaking the spine and crushing the body into a ball of human flesh) and can fly like a Superman back to safety, or which again covers the explosion in the hangar with hundreds of enemies, but in the next shot scorched all around, the bodies of enemies scattered around, and the characters and no scratches. Seen a superpower in the old trilogy? Now, you’ll see.

4) Dialogues. All as a blueprint: 1) the pathetic and empty 2) empty 3) are necessary for plot movement. And last there is a sense, but they, like all the turns in this film happen. Just someone who wants what he wants to say SUDDENLY.

5) My favorite item is the logic of the universe, the connection with previous and subsequent parts, + answers to important questions. Everything is damn simple. Nothing but two answers. BUT! The second film in chronological order the answer simply can not, and should be true, otherwise it is a stigma of all who were related to this segment of the Saga. The first course of the plot — a logical and good. But. Again this “but”. This answer only gives rise to additional questions that, judging from everything(because of the elimination of the characters had to them) answers will be gone. Again here is an example: “I put the coin in the bag. People ask me why I put time into the package if I didn’t have one and had a backpack? I answer — because the backpack barter hole. But when I logically asked: “But package then you do not exist? Where did he come from?”, I’m going to run across the field naked, and the pack will burn out in the near the fire of logic”.

I feel cheated and snubbed. Once again the authors of the film managed somehow to configure the critics and to regain hope in the hearts of the audience. But only to leave again to scorched ashes.

Yes, many disagree, many will like the film. I can already hear on all sides cries of admiration. But it’s a shame for them that allows you to feed yourself like a “product”.

At the same time, I’ll go to the cinema the next movie, I’ll see what else will ruin the once great franchise. That’s just no joy I will have, and most importantly, that there are no new hopes.

5 out of 10

New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

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