New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

For the third consecutive year, Star wars become one of the most anticipated and high-profile premieres. “The last Jedi” continues the story begun in “the Awakening power”. The film begins where the previous ends. Despite the fact that the seventh episode was more of a remake of a New hope than an independent work, he was left mostly positive emotions. The seventh episode was the first in a new trilogy. He introduces viewers to new characters, pleasing appearances of the old story and sets directions for development in the future.

“The force awakens” left many questions after watching that, I tried to answer “the Last Jedi”. Fans two years puzzled, trying to find answers to the mysteries of the seventh episode. Fans built an incredible theory and speculation, but, to everyone’s surprise, Disney did not like everyone expected. They were able to surprise everyone absolutely worthless disclosure of the origin of ray, are unable to reveal, Snoke, namely its potential and the character. In other words, because “the Last Jedi” suffers “the force awakens,” which, after watching the eighth episode, it becomes boring and empty.

The plot of this film can be called the weakest side, not only the film but the entire franchise as a whole. So primitive and straightforward history was not even in the “Outlaw-Single”, which, despite the simple plot with the stolen blueprints of the Death Star, was exciting and makes the audience worry for a completely new and unfamiliar characters.

Duration 2 hours 32 minutes creates a feeling of fatigue while viewing. But even this extra time the creators are not enough to properly focus on each storyline. The first hour of the story with unreal speed being transferred from one characters to another. For every brilliant pay sometimes 5 minutes and then move to another, which devote about 3 minutes. But fortunately, since the second act, the picture becomes more balanced, but in the end, when all the story lines merge into one, it becomes really interesting.

What it didn’t have to take, it’s nostalgia and respect for the original trilogy of “Star wars.” Unlike “the force awakens”, “the Last Jedi” the old characters do occupy an important place in the story, not just his appearance delighting the audience. The film also has a place for one of the most famous characters of the original trilogy, whose appearance was a big surprise and a cause for sincere fan of applause in the hall.

If you close your eyes to the poor structure of the plot, then the film you can see a good job on character development. Luke Skywalker and Kyle Wren can be attributed to the really well done parts of the film. If the expected Skywalker stands in the way of the wise and powerful mentor, able to stand alone against an army, then pick Ren was a pleasant surprise. In the seventh episode he’s been a lot of questions and misunderstandings, but at the same time it felt great potential in the eighth episode successfully realized. He became more serious and confident character. If not for Skywalker, and not a sharp transition from a dark image to Ren hysterical, it could be called the best character in the film.

The original “Star wars” was massive, with a share appropriate funny situations in them was the spirit of adventure, but had never had such a number of inappropriate humor and slowmo effects as it was shown in the “Last Jedi”.

But with regard to camera work — everything here is delicious. Objectively, “the Last Jedi” can proudly wear the title of the most beautiful film of the Saga. And it is not even in the schedule, and how staged and filmed scenes. We are not talking about fighting scenes, there is nothing special to look closely to the scenes where the creators needed to cause the audience goose bumps all over my body from the brilliant performances of the frame on the screen or tears from the beauty and warmth of some of the scenes, thanks to Director Ryan Johnson.

In the end we can say that “the Last Jedi” is very clumsy answer in “the force awakens” questions intelligently plays on the nostalgia of fans, mesmerizing the music of John Williams, but disappoints with a weak plot and absolutely there is no desire to wait for the next episode. Magic galaxy far, far away dies the eyes of the audience.

It is unfortunate that such a weak episode was the last one for Carrie Fisher. You are not with us for a year, but we will remember you, Princess, and fifty years later. Let the force be with You!

5 out of 10

New review: Star wars: the Last Jedi 15.12.2017

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