New review: starship troopers 29.07.2017

The works of American writer Robert Heinlein had a significant impact on science fiction and largely determined the development of the genre. Being not only a science fiction writer and scientist, he affected in his works complex, multifaceted topic. It’s hard enough to film his works, and when the case is taken by the Dutch Director Paul Verhoeven, you definitely should expect something unusual. And so it happened. The Director is very freely treated with the source and drastically changed accents of the same name by the famous author.

The plot is a military fiction Thriller. A classic example of the war of the future with high-technology. But this is only a superficial view. As having specific black humor, the Director caustically ridicules the American model of state and society that makes the film sharp social parody of contemporary manners and customs. Paul Verhoeven drawing model of a totalitarian, militarized future, draws a direct and explicit analogy with fascism. However, the elements of satire are so subtle, that to ignore them is simple the audience is very difficult. This is such a clever author’s trick. And it works.

The affected very much. Totalitarian, militarized society, which is controlled by the military. Propaganda and total brainwashing. Interesting interpretation civil rights and liberties. For all parameters we have a very trivial movie.

Paul Verhoeven have a scandalous reputation. Explicit sex scenes, which he fills his paintings are also in this film, and with a certain degree of irony. Verhoeven has appealed to the genre of science fiction, putting two cult films “Robocop” and “total Recall”. And each he has given a large number of allusions and reminiscences. “Starship troopers” is also no exception and is filled with numerous quotes.

The film is very entertaining and spectacular. Brilliant visual effects stunning in their grandeur and scale. This is the case when the picture is done perfectly. Really shows realistic scenes of violence which is characteristic of the oeuvre of Paul Verhoeven. It is often criticized for the exaggeration of violence on the screen. But the Verhoeven will never give up.

Casper van Dean played the best role in his career. This role brought him immense popularity and success with the public. His transformation throughout the film is interesting and looks interesting. Denise Richards has an incredibly good looks, but the actress does not look too convincing. However, in this film she manages to show the wonderful character of the heroine and reveal the best side. Like Dina Meyer. Well, the older generation in the face of Clancy brown and Michael Ironside perfectly complement the abovementioned youth.

Starship troopers is cool, spectacular, epic, dynamic fiction Thriller. One of the best films of the 1990s. Filled with stunning scenes of action, excellent sense of humor and diverse topics. Deeper than it seems at first glance. Great movie.

9 out of 10

New review: starship troopers 29.07.2017

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