New review: Stay alive 04.10.2017

“LOST” is one of the most successful and popular series is zero, which attracted an audience of millions around the world and a huge fan base.

My first acquaintance with the series was held back in 2005 when I was 10 years old and it was aired on the First channel. Almost immediately I fell in love with him and remained to the end a loyal fan. Recently he was again fully considered by me, in good quality with the original English sound track, after that I decided to write this review.

So why “LOST” at the time, have gained such wide popularity?

Initially, the series was a kind of Robinson Crusoe story about survival in a deserted island with strong interpersonal drama, with a touch of mystery and mysticism. The two-part pilot was cleared for an impressive for the TV budgets of the time the amount is now widely known Director J. J. Abrams. The audience got a pretty fascinating introduction that rivals a good full-length film that I made them for a long time to cling to the TV screens.

The first two seasons have a coherent line of narrative, and, in my opinion, the pleasure of viewing them is able to virtually any viewer, regardless of your tastes and genre preferences. They are an adventure drama.

In the third season the show is starting to change the vector of its development. Many would say that since the third or fourth season of “LOST” turned into “trash”. I personally do not agree with this opinion. Quite simply, the series took a completely different course of the narrative, on the fore other genres. I have this change of direction did not cause rejection and the show left me love. But in General there are people who simply do not perceive such a dramatic change in the development of the plot, and if you “LOST” ended after the second season, your opinion certainly has a right to exist.

In General the third and fourth seasons is action adventure, with a large bias in mysticism and fantasy into the fourth.

The fifth season — this is a complete fiction and mysticism. Surprisingly, he loved me more 3 and 4, almost at the level of the first two.

The sixth season is the same mystery and fantasy, interspersed with religious, biblical overtones. And here it is, sorry, a bit slack. But to say that a season full of “slag” is impossible, just less. Despite the fact that the season went average, the series finale, which duration lasted more than 100 minutes, I would call successful. He is very symbolic, and gives nostalgia and loop the entire series. The circle is closed.

Characters — this is a special advantage of the series. Almost all of them are masterfully written and brilliantly executed. Let us consider the most colorful of them:

Jack — probably the key character, whose transformation from man of science to man of faith we see throughout the series. In General, of all the characters the life story of Jack Shepard, the series describes more fully

Sawyer — James Ford, probably the most charismatic protagonist of the series. The whole point is not in his appearance and inexhaustible Arsenal of jokes and nicknames, which he has entranced millions of fans of the series among girls. We see a man with a tragic childhood, wearing a mask of aloof villain, which is a very good single man who is able to love and care and affection, but there are no close person whom he could all give it

Locke — despite the large audience and popularity of the younger Jack and Sawyer, the hero of pre-retirement age John Locke, much more powerful character. His fate is the most tragic of all. After experiencing a huge and physical and mental anguish, in the face of cold-blooded betrayal of the most intimate, seemingly of people, he remains the good guy, believing in the good in people, a miracle. Amazing game Terry O Quinn

Ben — Benjamin Linus another great character who appears before us as the villain, a cold-blooded strategist and shrewd manipulator, gradually revealing and becoming an anti-hero who is not alien to light impulses. As a wonderful acting job by Michael Emerson, who along with Terry O Quinn is Duo probably two of the strongest actors of the series

Desmond — bright hero, I would say man is the contradiction in which courage is quite compatible with cowardice, the fear of responsibility

That’s probably the five most important characters in my personal opinion. Although vivid characters of course more. It’s cute and kind chubby Hugo, and former torturer Sayid, and drug addict Charlie, and Koreans. Of female characters in two of the most memorable heroines are without a doubt Kate and Juliet.

The series contains many memorable phrases, among which we can highlight:

Only I know I can — Don’t tell me what i can’t do — John Locke

Live together, die alone — Live together, die alone — Jack

I’ll see you in another life, brother — See you in another life, brotha — Desmond

Dude — Dude — Hurley

Many secrets and mysteries, among which are the famous numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42

The musical accompaniment is also above all praise. Soundtrack Michael Giacchino remembered for a long time, soulful, pumping, mysterious. You can identify such compositions as:

Ben’s theme, Charlie’s theme, Desmond theme, Jack’s theme, Locke”s theme, Parting theme

As for the voice acting, the Russian dubbing is also very good, especially the first two seasons, then for some reason voice actors voice began to change. As far as I know only the voice of Locke was replaced due to the death of voice actor. Other replacement I do not understand. But watching the original with native voices of the actors, of course, adds to its acting, and in General conversations, in principle, additional paint. Plus, it is the series “LOST” that we owe our modern abundance of voice-over voice. It began with a boom in a voice of American series. And just the same the most popular and professional Studio voice-Lostfilm originates from “LOST” when a group of enthusiasts started to translate the third season, without waiting for the release on the First channel.

So, in General, LOST is without a doubt the global cultural phenomenon among series. One of the pioneers in terms of large budgets on television. Undoubtedly a milestone in television zero.

Wrapping in a flashback in may 2010, I still remember that when watching the finale, my then 15-year-old boy was filled with sadness and a feeling of losing pieces of himself. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of different series, some of which, and of higher quality than “LOST,” but none of them clung to me that way. So this series always holds its rightful place on my shelf of favorites.

9 out of 10

PS For oiled season 6, one point still needs to remove

New review: Stay alive 04.10.2017

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