New review: Stay alive 25.06.2017

Lost is a pretty meaningful name, has a mixed interpretation. Lost in the crash or lost in everyday life people? We are shown the lives of people on the island and at the same time their daily life before the disaster. It turns out that each has its own interesting history, its tragedy, its justification and its mistakes. It is interesting to follow what happened in each character’s life then it is impossible to predict, but when you know it, someone will feel something in common here and with you so was, all we lost, and it seems that this series has been about all. A little hint of fantasy in the early leaves are quite reasonable and scientific opportunities for interpretation, so the series looks realistic. The elements of mystery in the beginning is more like delusions and hallucinations of Holocaust survivors passengers. Later in the battle are a few of the mysteries of the island that begin to intrigue. No doubt, the writers in full tried and Lost is a well — established phenomenon. The first season looks at one go, everything is neatly and logically fit in the head, leaving some enticing innuendo.

The introduction of new characters and new circumstances, while continuing the theme of “lost in life”, but slowly becomes less plausible. Events and plot twists begin to seem random and contrived, intended only to influence the perception of the viewer. Connection with previous events are lost.

The third season opens with a new layer gives you the answers to some questions of the first season, thereby meeting the accumulated loss, but did not immediately understand that the answers these same far-fetched and strained, like new characters and their stories. Instead of social drama begins to create a new mythology, passing in the fourth and fifth seasons of stage fiction. Of course, all this is done insanely qualitatively, the idea of mental transitions in time and do something worthy of a separate film, but perhaps unconsciously crumbling the original idea and the integrity of the entire story. The whole project is a powerful and, of course, epoch-making, but only an attraction for experiments on the audience’s attention and imagination. New mythology with the history of the island, beginning with two brothers, of course, entertaining and can be considered an answer to many questions, but deep and independent meaning than to attempt to resolve the numerous contradictions and more or less logically complete story, it does not.

The final season shows us logically the only true new. To do this, we showed people’s lives before the crash, then after the disaster. Now it remains to show people’s lives as would be the case if the disaster was not. Why, too, is unclear, but it is entertaining and consistently. And in the end you want still to answer the question: What does it all mean? And the answer is also invented. Final and unfinished at the same time. Expecting absolutely one idea, eye-opening, I got another, entertainment or entertaining. From the ending blows sadness and sorrow, but this sorrow seems to be an element of attraction. Go on it, if you love the thrill.

10 out of 10

New review: Stay alive 25.06.2017

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