New review: storming the White house 27.07.2016

As soon as in 2013 came out of this film, I immediately wanted to watch it. Like the name is not bad, and the cast is not bad. In principle, after viewing it is, the film is really good. Yes, maybe it has some disadvantages and flaws, but still the film is very strong and interesting.

1. That’s the plot. The plot of the film begins to cast a spell from the first minute and keeps the tension until the very end, which is a big plus. To the end not clear there are some moments, but how they unfold exactly like you. “The story tells about John, Kayla, who works as a security guard of security personnel. Today he was going to go for the interview to the secret service and takes with him his daughter. Like things are going perfectly, when suddenly the white house is beginning to capture an unidentified group of people. Being locked in the white house, John recalls that his daughter, somewhere lost inside the house. Now his task is to rescue the President and find her daughter, but will he be able to do it when the house is controlled by terrorists?”

2. It is the characters. The first thing I want to mention Channing Tatum, who played Kayla. From the first minute of its appearance, Tatum attracts the viewer. From it was really not a bad hero. You could even say that this is one of his best roles, as he plays really convincing. The company he was Jamie Foxx, who played the role of President. To his role as Jamie came up really professionally and it turned out to be a very bad President. To his role as Fox pulled it off. Next I want to highlight Joey king, who played daughter Kayla. In her role the young actress has done worse than others, and indeed well remembered in the film. Her character wants to empathize and to believe. Next I want to highlight James woods and Jason Clarke. Both played a major negative role. Of them really turned out not bad villains and most importantly they were really not a bad motivation, though not a lot of banal. The other actors also played well and fit into the film.

3. It’s the fight scenes. This film also wins, as scenes of shootings and brawls there set very not bad.

The result was not a bad action film that should appeal to fans of the genre, and others too. The cons of film it is possible to allocate slightly slowness of the film, not exactly, in some moments of funny humor and boring dialogue. Still, the film wins its strong story and acting. Also worth noting not a bad soundtrack, especially that plays at the beginning and end of the movie. Such films are not many and so it will be interesting to watch to many.

8 out of 10

New review: storming the White house 27.07.2016

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