New review: Stray 29.06.2017

Kazakhstan mystical Thriller. Sounds at least strange. But it is necessary to discard all prejudices. And if you Kazakh cinema is something exotic, this film directed by Akana sataeva a great reason to explore. This picture definitely deserves your attention.

The authors are very responsible attitude to the creation of the film. Quality-designed scenario devoid of serious logic holes. To some extent, they borrow the plot similar products, but making their national character. Presenting to the audience a good quality picture. The film is not only a mystical Thriller with a confusing plot, where the beginning do not understand what is happening. But it is also a philosophical story with deep meaning.

The news is sustained in the best traditions of the genre. The atmosphere of tension and mystery never lets go throughout the film. Although it is worth noting a certain slowness of some scenes. Which sometimes becomes boring. The plot is trivial, but because the main mystery of the film will be sustained until the very end. Interchange maybe some shock, and others to piss off. But personally, I found it interesting. She’s not perfect, but does not cause reproaches.

Music very accurately reflects a tense atmosphere that reigns on the screen. Composer Renat Gaisin was able to create music in the best traditions of this genre.

The main role is played by Andrey Merzlikin. And in honor of our famous compatriot, he coped with the difficult and emotional role perfectly. A sense of hopelessness, despair, anger, fear, and anger passed so precisely that doubt his dramatic talent is not necessary. Second little-known actors. They are unfortunately much overplayed and dull look at the background of the main character of the tape.

Lost a decent attempt by local Directors to declare themselves in full voice. Strong, intense, intriguing and unusual mystery novel with an unexpected denouement. With a mysterious atmosphere of deep philosophical thought and trivial plot. The minuses in the movie enough, but it’s a bold cinematic experiment for the post-Soviet space.

6 out of 10

New review: Stray 29.06.2017

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