New review: suicide Squad 29.06.2017

Use your steel erection on Margot Robbie!

To somehow justify this two-hour nonsense, fellow cinephile…

Suicide squad

The review is written under a wonderful song Eminem — “Without Me”!

What pisses? All! What really annoys me? Music, i.e., the absolute inability to use music. They ruined every song. I suffered a very long time, but when the main characters become stupid change by Eminem — sorry, lost patience, began to swear. To put the number of each who was working (didn’t work). Pozornik pozornik hell.

Zombie, be sure to look at the extended version, there is much better. Are you serious? There’s nothing there, the movie has not changed. A dull chatter. Surrounded by nothing but dull talk. Let’s have a crazy Orgy (good characters allow)! Don’t want to. Instead, the creators give me a bald Smith.

Hey, baby, you’re in pistols not enough? Bang-Bang-Bang, I understand, cool. The man soon fifty knocks, Bang-Bang-Bang. Jaden looks (no see — one hundred percent) he spoiled the whole raspberries with his “After earth”. Framed folder. I had to call in “DC”. Lived, will Smith (actor, whom I praised for the film “I am legend”, Bob Marley beguiled) began to work on “DC”. Jada wanted a new car or a yacht? Okay, behind Smith. Want to play in any of the slag — let them play.

Here’s another dog bone. Zombie, this movie becomes automatically cool because it has the Joker. Oh, and why didn’t I notice? Was some guy, reminded me of Marilyn Manson. This is it? Do not tell my horseshoe, please. Jack Nicholson was cooler. Heath Ledger was cooler. Patrick Swayze was generally the coolest. Summer — it was just bad (e-mine, because after the Oscars, confirmed the old standard — Hilary Swank says hi).

To think a little “DC” — are to blame! If you decide to run a movie such a huge edifice, we leave it to the normal Director. No, they give it to Air. The same one who made the film “harsh times”. The same one who made the film “Patrol”. Lord, about “Sabotage” I was just silent.

Writers — several thousands of darkness. The result is an hour told us about a bunch of gangsters (in the end really couldn’t tell). I’m an old bald actor Bang-Bang-Bang. I go with the mask and the sword. I breathe fire everywhere. I’m just a kid from the fifth “die hard”. I have a bat and short shorts, because I’m blonde. And I’m a mutant lizard dash. They opened — Kam-Oh-Oh-it…

The second hour all this rabble walked around the empty city. Of course carrying nonsense. The main villain? Damn, when you gather a gang of murderers, then what other villains may be involved. Would have killed all at once and all. Fiery friend still talked about something, supposedly they were all friends. What friends? This is not! Maybe in the comics but not in movie. You know, when the booze in the local bar? Apparently, other reasons I do not see in their friendship.

“Suicide squad” — alcohol brings!

Robbie? Well, I was 15 years old, I’m a man already old, like women in the body. In short, Tura Satana (eternal memory) — closer to me. But seriously, visual and sexual appearance is not the movie. Cinema is when you look. To watch this miracle called “suicide Squad” is hard. Bored to tears!

Through this film I realized that Sam Raimi (his trilogy) was not so bad. And Snyder “watchmen” — even genius. Really, looked at a comic book movies on the other hand. At least some use…


And separately, about the installation! It’s so awful, the whole paragraph. Imagine that dazzled and stirred the set of short films — the darkness…

3 out of 10

New review: suicide Squad 29.06.2017

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