New review: Surviving 04.10.2017

To be quite honest, watching this series was a little ashamed, because of fear of domestic kinodela. And the topic was, to put it mildly, not the most worked on Russian TV.

What happened in the end?

First, well-described characters (though without stereotypes could not do). The heroes manage to change under the influence of events and literally every one of them to the finale, shows a completely different side.

Secondly, good actors. Although a couple of questions about casting I have left. Me to the end of the series felt that the majority of the characters are similar to each other (externally of course). Some similar beauty turned out. This, in my opinion, is one of the stocks.

As for the story — “began for the dead. Cumshot — for health” — and I’m not confused. In that moment, when the writer stopped trying to surprise the audience and be totally immersed in the characters and their development — history found “your voice”. Banal turns in the story will no longer cut it look after all the attention on dramatic acting. It was fascinating to see that the people who are experiencing “the truth of Shakespeare’s passion.” A lot of mistakes and holes in the plot to the middle of history just cease to notice.

Another pros is incredible fun in the story. All three seasons have their own mood and morale.

The first season talked about the group of survivors that fall into the typical “detective trap”, when the characters unravel the delivered plot puzzles and try to escape from the vicious circle.

The second season told about the attempts of the heroes to survive in the trap from which in fact no way out. The constant game of cat and mouse, where the characters begin to unfold and change under the influence of fear of loneliness and misunderstanding.

And the third season — not a horror film and a social film about the pressure of public opinion. The finale puts before the audience the question — who is really the monster in this story? We or they.

In the end we got a beautiful, soulful but not the chilling story of the Apocalypse of local significance. This series has a certain charm which, in fact, is not so easy to create. Agree, because many foreign TV shows also weak in terms of story links and logic, but this does not prevent them to be memorable and, in some sense, “charismatic”.

Take a chance and see.

New review: Surviving 04.10.2017

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