New review: Surviving 27.09.2017

2005. 4 American commandos are given the task to neutralize one of the leaders of the Afghan Taliban Ahmad Shah. But in the process of implementation of tasks, they fall into a trap and forced to accept an unequal battle against the superior forces of the enemy.

This military Thriller created on motives of the documentary book of Marcus ‘ Situation, the party’s failed “operation Red wings” in which a series of mistakes and wrong decisions killed about two dozen American soldiers. The film has collected a great cast. Four Navy seals played by mark Wahlberg, Ben foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch, and as Lieutenant commander Erik S. Kristensen was made by Eric Bana. Is responsible for directing a strong Hollywood professional Peter Berg (“Hancock”, “battleship”, “Deepwater horizon”).

Technically the film is made very well, most of the movie is a well choreographed military action. The actors are quite in their places, and though Berg does not bother with the psychology of the characters, the performers quite get its texture. As a representative of its genre, it looks quite tight. But there are, of course, silly moments, and mistakes, and inconsistencies with reality.

Let’s start with the fact that the group in reality was just scouting the location. The Taliban, which in the film brave American boys kill packs, it really is no more than two dozen. Well, Pashtuns really hid the only survivor Marcus Luttrel, but no clash with the Taliban he did not enter.

For the purposes of this story heroes a few tumbles from the rocks, but then as if nothing had happened fighting. First aid kit is only one of the fighters and he loses it. Yes, and the Rocky mountains, where the shooting took place the film does not particularly resemble the Afghan landscape. Although a number of points that looks unrealistic, like the fact that the Americans let the local shepherds were indeed the place to be.

In the movie enough stupid things and sometimes excessive pathos, but it is quite entertaining and watchable a military Thriller based on a true story.

6.5 out of 10

New review: Surviving 27.09.2017

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