New review: sweet dreams 11.10.2017

“Happy is the man in your life nothing will come”, — said the millionaire Giovanni Atos main character of the film, the journalist Massimo a few minutes before his suicide. Prior to this incident, Massimo wrote in the newspaper about the sport. Wrote very well, but Giovanni realizes that the master of the word football is not interesting. The pursuit of millions and successful career, often the only escape from the past.

Talent to talk about the football games wakes up at Massimo at the age of 9 when his father takes him to the stadium in his native Turin. After the match, the boy nervously into a frenzy commented seen, frightening father, who hoped to entertain the sports spectacle and distract him from thoughts of the past. In which Massimo had a mother who wanted him for a night of pleasant dreams… the Film opens and ends — like enveloped, the happy past, full of life child with a loving and caring mother. And then the mother disappeared — Massimo saying she was ill, went to hospital, asked to heaven, but for a boy she’s alive, because otherwise it just does not happen, otherwise never had.

Director Marco Bellocchio shows Massimo a child, teenager and adult, relaxed, moving in time. And every age is accompanies the pain of loss. Belloccio selects the main nerve of the character’s life and stringing him children’s stubbornness, philosophical search for the teenager, the emotional problems of the adult. The child calls spooky TV-Ghost Belfagor, the teenager ignites all the candles in the temple, wanting to kindle the light of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth — all for the sake of meeting my mom. Devastated adult seems to be all forgotten, but the old sadness returns again and again, breaking through a panic attack, that touching confession newspaper about how great to be able to hug my mother.

Belloccio shows, not the life of man and his destiny, the winds of change carry a piece of wood, and very heavy tree growing from the bitter root of a child’s tragedy, whether from the sweet root of motherly love. Wood, wherever it grew, feeding on the same juices of love and grief — until then, until you find the source of a new love.

10 out of 10

New review: sweet dreams 11.10.2017

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