New review: sword Master online: Ordinal rank 04.10.2017

Personally, I believe that Sao has outlived its usefulness even after the first story arc of the first season and first book of the original novel (Yes I read it), so for the new film I viewed with suspicion. Either the film will be good and with a fresh Outlook on old ideas, or another attempt to repeat the epic that happened in the first arc, I thought.

And now, after seeing this creation, I am ready to share impressions and to tell that in the film I liked and what not.

Let’s start with the pros. What I really like is the picture. Looks like the film just fine. In this well-drawn backdrops, the animation, and also very spectacular fights with lots of special effects. However, you could sometimes notice a recurring animation that is a bit strained. I can’t not mention the music, it is also very good. So, technically the film is almost not to find fault.

But as the saying goes, you can’t judge by the cover. So it’s time to dig deeper.

As for the plot, here everything is stable. Not great, but a small affair as a mountain of assumptions weirdo.

Quite a lot of oddities associated with Apmay, a contraption worn on the head all the in the film. First, its existence is absolutely not logical from an economic point of view (this is plokami that it gives those who play). And secondly, new technologies and gadgets are unable to disperse the world with SUCH speed. With the events of the series it took on average two months, and there is absolutely all people go with this thing.

But what I really hated is local, the work on the characters. They just make lousy. Kirito is a tree. For all the screen time he barely expresses any emotions. Just from the film I remember only four scenes. And you know what? The fact that they showed Kirito his character and emotions. Whether it be fear, rage or love. In these scenes he really seemed like a real person, albeit for a short time.

As for the female half of the characters, then all is even worse. All of them can only be described in one sentence: “Typical anime-Chan”. None no highlights, no distinctive traits. Even Asuna. If, for example, to replace it with Liz, little will change. In the first season of the series it still had some character, but beyond that the authors have not gone in the sequels, and decided, apparently, not sweating deep disclosure nature.

Most likely they didn’t care and to keep the chemistry between the characters, as between Kirito and Asunas practically nonexistent. Most of the film he refers to her as to all my friends, almost no highlighting, which further mixes Asuna with the rest mass of girls. Something between them of course, sometimes I slipped, but not for long.

Well, the authors at least have removed the elements of garesnica, and thanks for that.

Oh, and by the way, I can’t forget to mention the final battle. It’s just phenomenally spectacular nonsense. The battle itself was very juicy, dynamic and even a little nostalgic, and the music in the background was pleasing to the ear, but damn it there is absolutely no logic. It’s just awful. Either the creators forgot that was in the series or they think the audience forgot everything, other explanation for what I saw, I just don’t find.

Summing up, I would say that the film turned out average. Worth a look just for show, well, fans of unless. As a separate piece. the movie is bad, but as a continuation more or less. The film has earned me a 5/10, but because of the nostalgic feelings I could not increase the score, still viewed me this is the second anime in my life.

Separately want to say about the post-credits scene, which announces to us the third season of the series. And this is the most common milking a popular brand. As for me the open ending of the first arch of the first season when Kirito under sad music lonely walks down the hallway — just gorgeous. But the authors probably will not rest until I exhaust all the possible ideas that can not grieve.

6 out of 10

New review: sword Master online: Ordinal rank 04.10.2017

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