New review: Sword of king Arthur 12.06.2017

Interesting medieval Thriller presents us with guy Ritchie in the specifics of shooting and editing — high-speed shooting (rapid), parallel editing, jump cut, if not really good for him as a Director (which he repeats in techniques from film to film), it is very organic and well-suited for this film. Looks very lively and colorful.

The story is unique, but recognizable. Despite the formulaic villain, all the characters are wonderfully played. Jude law handsome.

Beautifully shot scenes of battles and use magic. Deceleration, acceleration, slowing down, focus on something, again acceleration…fun to watch. The music in the background so best suited to what is happening and invariably gives dynamism to the action on the screen, just enjoying the moment.

Also the movie has a lot of humor, well, where do without political correctness. It looks easy two hours.

New review: Sword of king Arthur 12.06.2017

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