New review: Sword of king Arthur 27.07.2017

I will begin immediately, the film is great, 2 hours just flew by. The events unfold very rapidly, forcing the viewer not to get bored.

The plot is, shall we say, quite fresh, new look at an old story with a vision and creative zest unsurpassed by guy Ritchie. Visual effects at a high enough level, very cool portrayed the strength that comes from Excalibur. Unbelievable, was watching King Arthur just “chips” carries his enemies. Camera work — a lot of chips all from the same Director that also give a picture of vitality, drive and energy. The actors — all of them, in their places and do their characters well enough, giving them character and story. I really hope for a sequel, at least a trilogy.

In General, who wants to spend the evening, recommend this picture. Miss the film, watch it is quite interesting and lively. A great action-fantasy ride about a super-knights-mages from guy Ritchie.

9 out of 10

New review: Sword of king Arthur 27.07.2017

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