New review: Sword of king Arthur 27.07.2017

The case when watching a movie at home and parallel looking for whether it is still in theaters. Many times, while watching I caught myself thinking that regret did not go to the movies. Well, okay.

In principle, this movie is a typical summer blockbuster. Approximately the first half hour of viewing steadily beginning to slip in the feeling that very familiar style of directing. I looked in IMDb, Bah! So it’s the same old guy Ritchie shot! And I thought, where is Frank admiration for the character Jude law)))

For a simple and many times told and filmed (including animated) history, this film adaptation of I am personally very impressed.

In the first scenario. The plot is written in a very well-known Hollywood screenwriter David Dobkin. Even though a large part of the Oscar screenplays written or adapted the old Jews from the hills, who always knew his stuff. Respectively then you have no marvel snot and hiccups. All very hard and durable. Well, it would seem that there this is as old as the tale it was possible to add? Arthur, the sword in the stone, the struggle for power, victory… but no. The authors managed to successfully paint the classic English folk tale, adding characters, intrigue, parallel narratives, densely nashpigovat all this fantasy with the corresponding 3D effects. Surprisingly this cocktail is very cheerful and fun looks, despite the fact that there is not even a Lancelot, nor (which is very surprising) Merlin.

Guy Ritchie at all for get as a Director. Accordingly cleared of all boring. To recap: I watched at home. And virtually did nothing to the phone(which I always do). Everything else, I note that the timing of the movie is more than two hours, and this is the case when authors are criticized for stretching the story.

The second is the excellent casting. Jude law is perfect in the role of antagonist. Actually Arthur performed by Charlie Hannema looks very harmonious. Despite the fact that the role of gauger auditioned different (and more famous) actors, it Hannem fit best. Such a cute Scottish guy with the looks of Tom hardy and smile of king Leonidas. He’s rumored to be thoroughly prepared for the role, making poltyschi push-UPS a day and practiced his fighting style looking through the battles of the great Connor McGregor (Hello Navasero). Plus galaxy of charismatic English, Scottish and Irish actors.

In the third — location. The authentic nature of the English Islands actively fulfills his bread on an equal basis “the thirteenth player”.

Well, it is worth noting the soundtrack. Brand Rachevskii recognizable melodies in the style of good old England that we all remember from the cycle of films about Sherlock Holmes, smoothly migrated here, adding to their squad Scottish and Celtic tunes, bagpipes, banjo, panpipe, etc. To understand the musical atmosphere of this film see clips Dropkick Murphis (state of massatchussets or shiping up the Boston).

Summarizing say that the film, overall, was very watchable, not boring and very modern (if you know what I mean).

I strongly recommend to watch it in 3D if it’s still happening in your town, but he comes home well and on TV (although, if it’s not, I would advise you to wait for a better copy of at least 8 gigs).

PS Is the presence of a large number of brand jokes in modern style with a corresponding lexicon which, however, only adds to the charm.

P. p. S. At the end of show roundtable.

New review: Sword of king Arthur 27.07.2017

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