New review: Sword of king Arthur 29.07.2017

The sword of king Arthur – fantasy action movie, which seemed independent, but still resonates with the original legend.

I liked the movie, like all previously viewed the films of guy Ritchie. In the film king Arthur is a man from the slums, which is engaged in theft and fighting. The idea is odd. Further. He has a uncle who killed his brother, that is Arthur’s father to seize the throne and all loyal to the king and the people were exiled. At the same time the plot revolves.

Now about the pros and the cons. In the movie I liked the acting, and the composition.

To these guys, no complaints. But in the film the characters almost worked out, one of the key supporting characters and even names. Also a question for the suits. As if king Arthur lived in the 5th-6th century of our era, But here the same Vortigen (the main villain) is dressed as a stylish man from the 21st century, a little stylized middle ages. Looks stupid. That’s about it.

Conclusion: a Good movie for once.

8 out of 10

New review: Sword of king Arthur 29.07.2017

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