New review: T2 Trainspotting (On needle 2) 08.06.2017

You’ll never guess what movie I just watched, all because the previous review was just a warm-up. Let’s start with a chronological entry. The timing of the release of the book turned out to be right under the film for the tenth anniversary of the first part of “Trainspotting”. Drawn to the extortion of money from spectators, though ten years late. And then, as many have probably noticed, in all its glory manifested autobiographical traits of the author, whose role is brilliantly depicted in the first “Killjoy”, and then “stumpy”. Thereby, Irvine Welsh has paved the way for other authors to incompetent and faceless franchises of various kinds.

What catches the eye first, after the Bulgarian infinitives, so it’s translation from English. Oh yeah, my English is very tight, but in the meantime, I noticed that the first and second parts of the film have different names. If you translate from English to Bulgarian and then into Russian, then T2, with a slight movement of automated brain turns into a “Trainspotting 2”. It is not necessary to be seven span in a forehead to solve this puzzle, even a child knows that “T” — is nothing more than “Trainspotting”.

In the film, in addition, you will get acquainted with the so-called effect of “grinder” for the heart if to tell the truth, I would prefer strapless dildo with the participation of Bulgarians. Here the language I have everything in order. Grandpa Freud would be proud of all of us, but where now without it? By the way, I can recommend a couple resources. In the art to bypass acute angles, those ladies have no equal. But, judging by the negative reviews in my reviews I prefer the masochism of watching something like “shades of grey”. Who can deny the pleasure and fun of you?

Here’s a riddle for school bored in the train: “How much heroin you need to use to look like the main character? (question of the first part)”. To be with a snow-white smile on her face and lovely shape, this logical problem, I think is explained in the second part, when “stumpy” very stylish puking in the package, showing the world an example of authenticity and existentialism in the spirit of Sartre. Wanting to end unbearable violent world that gave him a child, so expressive adventure and a talent for writing, “stumpy” makes his difficult choice, because they’re… well, always something to choose…

And then, with the writing and style, all at altitude: then drugs, now HLS. What will happen then? Nostalgia for drugs, then nostalgia for the HLS, I began to nostalgia for the nostalgia of what was before… In the rare moments of remission from nostalgia, remember that the interpretation interpretation prerogative of modern physics (about which I’m nostalgic?..), damn… (pronounced pointedly, Perm accent), but leave the science alone, because there are far more pressing issues.

What the main character is right and to say in the film that I’m sentimental? To the viewer, the brain is not loaded with unnecessary scenes that reveal the feelings of the main character through deeds and actions. When, for example, clearly indicate that the character is depressed or upset, scenes from the movie made for beauty and style?

The rating for the film, there is something mysterious that makes you reconsider it all over again. As if in a state of hypnosis, I refuse to write more on this subject, as the number of introductory words and phrases in the half exceeds all common sense.

New review: T2 Trainspotting (On needle 2) 08.06.2017

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