New review: T2 Trainspotting (On needle 2) 12.06.2017

The reality of what is happening and going forward, when nothing can be corrected, but to blame one person in a crime completely ruined their lives. His act was selfish to assign the entire premium yourself. And now many years have passed and he still in the face of his old friends was a traitor. But what they wanted, if their past life consisted of the use of drugs in the most low and dirty places dregs of society trying to get rich and no one to depend on. She really wanted to live many more, but these dreams of the perfect life was unrealistic.

Renton’s attempt to somehow change the fact that he did not so much failed as his life after the incident. In the new town he had no one, no job, no family, even friends, of his future plans to come where past its best time. What he sees stumpy tries to commit suicide because of the breakup with your ex. Killjoy earns extortion, but a large part of his earnings goes to all the same drugs. And one psycho is in jail and trying to escape. Unites all of these four only one, they also want to live as they want. Still not enough yet one, all they have been dependent so they stayed. Helps even running outdoors on a background of rolling hills and green meadows. A waste of time.

Here can catch and respond to questions about what is the reality of the lives of people trying to come off of the needle and to somehow rebuild their lives. Danny Boyle decided to philosophize and to show after all these years the reality that will show the essence of hatred and rage, betrayal, a sense of the main goal to make the world a life more successful and not dependent on the needle.

New review: T2 Trainspotting (On needle 2) 12.06.2017

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