New review: Tall blond man with one black Shoe 10.10.2017

With the development of the long-running and seemingly endless conflict, known under the designation of “Cold war”, world cinema was literally full of pictures of sharp espionage. Brave agents working on both sides of the conflict, and to faithfully serve the bosses, not forgetting somewhere between challenging missions to delight his intriguing love life adventures. The clear leader among the entire fraternity of spyware is considered to be invincible British special agent James bond, went to fight with the enemies of the Western way of life in the early 60’s and continue to fight for their ideals to this day. However, in addition to the famous “James bond” there are many famous series of movies and TV shows that use a winning theme to their advantage. In his time in America had the success of “Agents of A. N. K. L.” and “Move bashers”. Your movie spy sported also in the Soviet Union. And even if their adventures didn’t catch the eye of foreign audience, but the domestic market they satisfied in full. But the best pictures of French cinema of the difficult era, devoid of pronounced political overtones, aimed against the ideals of the Soviet Union, had infiltrated the screens largest country in the world and received the most flattering feedback from an appreciative audience. Was no exception and “Tall blonde in black Shoe”, which demonstrated a charismatic burlesque attitude, managed to avoid the pitfalls of the “Cold voiny and at the same time to play on the incredible popularity of spy movies.

So, the plot of the film takes place in Paris, turned into an invisible field of battle between the highest representatives of special services of the country. Deputy Director of counter-espionage Louis Toulouse (Jean Rochefort), Bernard Milan (Bertrand Blier) no longer thinks of himself in his subordinates, trying to gather as much dirt on your supervisor, in order to quickly take his place. Quite a long time listening to and fixing every step of the Toulouse, Milan gradually began to despair, because could not catch the chief in a special maintenance shortcomings. Nevertheless, to play fair play Milan is clearly not going to, deciding to substitute Toulouse under attack fabricated methods to wash from which the accused will be very difficult. Once under attack excessively ambitious subordinate, Toulouse decides to return from the planned trip, that all focus on the hidden confrontation taking place right under his nose. And to divert excessively pedantic Milan from his person, the head of counterintelligence will be decided on a very unexpected adventure at the head of some random goofball.

Forcing Milan and his faithful minions to believe that negligent violinist françois Perrin (Pierre Richard), is none other than elite agent with some mysterious job, Toulouse thus unleashes his hands and now has all the necessary time to twist around Milan short-sighted network of deception and lies. Meanwhile, Francois Perrin in Holy ignorance continues to enjoy life along the way to avoid the numerous bullets and knives, released in his direction. Knowing absolutely nothing about the allotted space in the complex game of two ambitious officials of the secret service, the Fiddler, by some inconceivable method confirms their imaginary skills of an elite spy, and whoever was in his way, Perrin always come out the winner of the fight, as the fighting and as such does not occur. But the further the game goes, the higher the stakes become. Toulouse is not going to delay the performance, but like his counterpart in Milan. Sooner or later, all the masks will be removed and in this situation there is only one question: will Francois Perrin to avoid the sad fate. Although the answer, of course, we know ahead of time.

The creative Duo of actor Pierre Richard, as well as the Director and screenwriter Francis Veber gave us many wonderful paintings, among which was “Daddy”, “Toy” and “Unlucky”. Each of these stories was awarded the highest level of positive, deliquescent in the lake of irony and farce, reinforced by the unforgettable antics of the actor Pierre Richard. And “Tall blonde in black Shoe” is in this list is not the last place, because he managed to combine the theme of an action movie and a sweet French Comedy about a klutz who somehow inexplicably lucky throughout. Tape, which the Director of employment Weber became Yves Robert, it may seem typical high-quality Comedy with Pierre Richard, but apart from flirting with espionage she has another undoubted advantage — a handsome and stand out from the mass, Jean Rochefort, French actor of the old school, who created interesting way than Richard. Canonically the protagonist of the film, violinist Perrin, to surprise the audience is not able, as it essentially moves from one Weber to another with minimal characteristic changes. But Jean Rochefort was a real revelation, which is largely responsible for the success of the picture rolling on all fronts.

Stressed intelligent, defiant, shrill and dangerous Colonel Louis Toulouse, in a very good performance by Jean Rochefort looks impressive. He always dressed in a suit, his subordinates, if not to take into account a group of apostates Milan, executing every order of the chief without another word. And when Toulouse gets down to business, don’t underestimate his skill and cunning. He’s capable of even the most twisted situation to translate into a winning direction, it’s not the gift he was entrusted with such a responsible post. The lack of emotional riot, which is at odds with the character of Toulouse, Jean Rochefort compensates for its undeniable dramatic skill, which makes it one eyebrow game is able to show more than one or the other by using only his emotional spectrum. In some scenes Rostro even manages to beat the Pierre Richard, opposed his mad gestures of aristocratic restraint. This game requires the actor most value, and Rochefort coped with the task, proving once again that he is one of the best in the business.

In the end I want to say that the “Tall blonde in black Shoe” is an undeniable classic of French Comedy. Traditional emotional techniques of Pierre Richard complemented by an intriguing story Francis Weber, confident Director Yves Robert, capital charisma of Jean Rochefort and eternally relevant theme spyware confrontation that has lasted since the Cold war. Pleasant viewing!

10 out of 10

New review: Tall blond man with one black Shoe 10.10.2017

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