New review: teen Titans: the Judas Contract 26.07.2017

“Teen Titans: the Judas Contract” is the second animated film involving these characters DC. Based on the almost cult-like work (Yes, oddly enough, “the Judas Contract” is probably the third most popular place among DC comics after “Crisis on Infinite earths” and the “death of Superman”) the film was created by Sam Liu, a man who certainly knows how to film DC. But, like the previous creations (“the killing joke” and “Justice League vs Young Titans”), flaws visible to the naked eye. And not only for fans of the original comics.

Of the team of adolescent superheroes replenishment. They were joined by Terra, is able to control the earth, and the former protege of Batman — Nightwing. The titans engage in a battle with Brother Blood and his cult. And Destroy his plan of revenge Robin (see “Son of Batman”).

Do not expect page adaptation of the original comic book. The writers adapted the original story to fit the needs of the current “Animated DC universe” and made it, in my opinion, quite adequately.

But the characters came certain lining. Damien, the current Robin, was previously excessively used. Wisely, the writers pushed him and Raven into the background and given the chance to brighten other Titans. But it made it somehow weak. For example, the Blue beetle gets podsweat about the inability to control their powers, making it dangerous, especially for his parents. And this story gets no further development; it was added as if on a whim. Beast Boy? He is here only to bring Terra and annoying the viewer. Nightwing and Starfire? The script is more interested in the description of the details of their sex life than in revealing the characters. And Terra and Destroy, in my opinion, are the strengths of the “Contract”. Terra has a story (albeit with “white spots”), revealing its emotional potential. Destroy, in turn, came the best part of the “Contract”, albeit not all the questions about his background were answered. His evil plan is well laid out, the hatred of the son of Batman is justified. I would particularly like to acknowledge the voice of the late Miguel Ferrer. All of this is lost to the main antagonist, Brother Blood. His comic prototype was openly evil and sadistic, but charismatic enough to rally hundreds of followers. Animated Brother Blood was just a mediocre small leader.

As for the animation, “the Judas Contract” offers nothing new. It looks like the part about “Young Titans.” This is neither good nor bad, as the combat scenes are still contractions accurately.

Not to say that “Contract” is intended for young viewers. First, the film has several graphic violent scenes relating to childhood Terra. Second, for some reason added a lot of sexual innuendo.

And yet, “the Judas Contract” came questionable as a continuation and as an independent work. Compared with previous feature-length film about “Young Titans”, the “Contract” one is better, the other worse, and in the third — level. The only thing we can say for sure — the further adventures of teen superheroes look promising and the animated Justice League a viable “competitors”.

6 out of 10

New review: teen Titans: the Judas Contract 26.07.2017

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