New review: Terminator 2: judgment day 13.06.2017

The terminator gave me the luxury of hope. Because if the machine could comprehend the value of human life, then we probably can.

And the car rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. And went to war on the destruction of humanity, and it was decades. But the final battle will take place in the future. It will take place here in our time. Tonight…

It is with these words began the famous franchise about a battle for the future. Legendary film James Cameron at the time, made a lot of noise, and the appearance of a sequel was just a matter of time. And now, seven years later, on the screen comes the long-awaited sequel.

After the events of the first film more than ten years. Sarah Connor is placed in a psychiatric hospital, and her son John brought up foster parents. And again, artificial intelligence sends into the past of the killer terminator. This time to kill resistance leader John Connor at a young age…

More open synopsis I see no reason to write because there is hardly a person not familiar with this story. This is one of the few cases where the sequel was more successful than the original. Subsequently to be removed a few extensions, but for that, this film is a loved franchise.

“Terminator 2” in its kind, was ahead of its time both in visual terms and in story. If the first all clear — just an incredible work of pyrotechnics, masters of prosthetics and wizards for creating computer graphics, then the second point deserves a separate investigation.

Does Hollywood have ceased to ride the steam trains on the template, and invented something really new. This angle on the theme of humanity is still clearly no one was looking. And it’s wonderful. Don’t work here normal templates as in Robocop or Short circuit. No. We are asked to look for a car that’s genuinely wants to know the human qualities. And of course when the viewer begins to get used to what is happening on the screen — the plot makes a sudden somersault, and everything is flipped upside the head. And so many times. Very few films in which the main template is ridiculous is not spelled out (and you already know what the outcome), and constantly changing dramatically.

The film won the Oscar for Best visual effects. And for good reason. Since the first part of the special effects have improved even more, and in many aspects unclear where the shooting at the scenery, and the computer. Also pleasing is the fact that many effects are done live. Ie if you need a car to blow up — they blow it, and don’t draw the explosion on the computer.

Nothing more to say. It is better to see for yourself. Watch all!

New review: Terminator 2: judgment day 13.06.2017

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