New review: the 300 Spartans 05.10.2017

Three hundred Spartans. Yes, not a handful of some assholes. Any fight will spin in the dance, as much as fear will appear in the foreigner. Anxiety clogged the soul of the Persian. Either you have to fight brutally, or not to exhibit daring. Otherwise the body will be covered with scent vile. Understanding the need that is not so simple. Protected it is not inveterate scoundrels. I’ll leave you without hands and feet with his sword sharp. Shine the earth the color of blood motley. One easy, the second difficult. Here, evil!

Leonidas the Prince, of course, notable. Sobriety of mind not to take adequate. Son will teach, caress the Princess. The cynic will teach, and that the three-day battle. Discipline procedure — violent in the no. Will not be a problem — otherwise will send to the light. Spartan every particle of the whole. No shades of black and white. The task of the team is to crush, kill them. Of course, any enemy. His life is always to risk. Death law.

Xerxes is not a fool, sees that the Spartans — the people uneasy. But Xerxes also be a fool to prevail against those who are three hundred. This cannot happen in the heart of a fair fight, if only for the courage not to take cannabis. Scare don’t scare: monsters, freaks and elephants. Fellows are not afraid, their hands are hardened. And the Persians are annoyed, and the audience engrossed. But what’s to be afraid of three hundred men?! Press on the abdomen, and then the interference the stones. They do not break down, only to betray. It means to suffer.

Seen the movie — certainly for centuries. Not cheating gut — setting strong. Snyder, who Zach, showed a steep slow-mo. And all the rest, repeating it turned into shit. “300” is a real gem. Among the crafts like a clear dominant. Testosterone is rife. Urine all the goats, and then policy. I must be the last fool to the truth to claim with it. This is a spectacular action game, not a school lesson. You are lame!

One of my favorite in the history of my life. And who would argue, then let go quickly.

10 out of 10

New review: the 300 Spartans 05.10.2017

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