New review: the 300 Spartans: Flourishing Empire 06.10.2017

I remember, back in March 2014 I was so impressed that the sequel “rise of an Empire“that did not spare money for a second trip, and the other in 3D and in English. Not taking into account some historical accuracy and obscure the drama in the story, you get to enjoy the incredible spectacle on the screen. It really is so cool that the original “300” is no less deserved a nice sequel. The sequel is not superior.

It extends the familiar generalnote, presenting new conflicts and other characters. Of course, there are flaws in the second part, as the glut of story stories about certain events, just stories, when the narration is often described incident. This also applies to a few cheap moments, tied to sex: when Gorgo asked there about jerking off, and Eva green and Sullivan Stapleton will slaughter genitals. Fight.

As sure as the Athenians look funny on the background of a powerful and searing Spartans. And clothes-it is easier and less bodies bump and kill guys easier. But still their dedication and desire to protect their land allow not to accept the Greeks creative individuals without the skills. In the case of brutality and harshness “rise of an Empire” dropped the bar high. Blood and severed limbs more slow-mo too. About the Tits not forgotten.

Eva green, of course. And horse attack on the ship of the Persians, though it looks crappy on the screen looks boldly and with drive. Still readily believe such Hollywood candy rated R, than everyone there “Titans” and “Immortals“. Part of the fun sequel to Noam, Murro can give serious handicap to many other crafts. The point is not that that while watching you feel like a man inside and a desire to pump up the press. A bet.

It is sufficient to disable the brain or, if it does not connect, not caring how much in vain here. Comparisons to the first movie, can not be avoided, but they should be discarded. How does the sequel also the brainchild of Zack Snyder. Eerily cheerfully, brightly, cheerfully. Not our of the Callan Mulvey once again nice to look at. Who does not know, he some how managed to appear in Marvel and DC. Good actor, remembered the face and charisma. The third movie is not needed. Now Cersei.

New review: the 300 Spartans: Flourishing Empire 06.10.2017

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