New review: the 52nd ceremony of the Grammy awards 23.06.2017

The ceremony “Grammy” that occurred in Los Angeles, left an aftertaste, like a brought the wine that I ordered. Now let me explain why. The winner this year, “academics” appointed beyoncé. She is known to cut off as much as 6 figurines. I agree that ar-EN-bi-diva really worked up a sweat the last year. Rode with a concert tour. Stopped even in Moscow with its magnificent show. She sings so that heavens tremble. Looks like created by a computer genius — flawless and sexy. But her album Im Sasha Fierce was released in November 2008. It turns out that the “academics” just made razluchili? Yes, it’s pretty well done. But it hits really little. More than half of the songs are quite unnecessary. Ballast. I have the feeling that to thin locomotive (five or six really good songs) put a huge set of cars (passing pesnyakov). And the train just standing on a stage, because there is no force to pull the load. Therefore, it is unclear to me why her album was recognized as the best, released in 2009 year.

The ceremony paid tribute to the deceased Michael Jackson. Showed the video to his latest song “Earth Song”. Why nobody says that the song no? It is worse than any of his Thriller album. If you’re a king, then you should leave them to the end. In any case, to produce a crude thing I wouldn’t for anything. For the first time the public was revealed to the children of Michael Jackson — Paris and Prince Mikl. It’s just a mockery of common sense — they are white and look nothing like him. These children are not in any of the black African American. Even if we assume that Jackson donated his sperm for artificial insemination, the children should at least slightly resemble the father. In this case, you do not need to be a geneticist to understand that this is not his children. So I absolutely do not understand the speculation on the “child” topic of adult and cynical relatives of Michael, who staged the dances on the bones and do everything to cut down on his death any money. Poor Michael.

Now, about Lady Gaga, who “flew” in the main nominations — “record of the year, album of the year” (honestly, still don’t understand what these nominations differ from each other) and “song of the year”. But he got what he deserved in the categories “best dance recording and best dance/electronic album”. In our Palestine such distinctive Primorsky girls there. Scorched earth. Was Zhanna Aguzarova, but she’s no longer with us, came to the astral plane in 90-e years, and to this day there have not returned. Therefore, we can only applaud the appearance of Lady Gaga is exactly what makes our gray life brighter. But I’ve seen pictures of Gaga without makeup. It’s quiet horror. It is clear that with such an appearance, nothing else, how to be a freak. But her room with Elton John’s “Factory of fame” was really good. At the same time (here it is zero!) both (or both) were stained with “original” soot like chimney sweeps.

In one of the five main categories “Best new artist” won boys Zac Brown Band song “chicken Fried”. The text of the song about how in the Russian people’s smash hit “Chicken fried, steamed chicken went around the city walking. He was caught, arrested, ordered to show the passport”. The Americans: “Nobody can take away from us what we hold dear: namely our fried chicken, beer on Fridays and a pair of jeans that awesome sit”. Ha Ha Ha. Really for a year have not appeared more worthy new artists?

Our people, “Grammy” roll only in the classical categories. This year in the category “Best instrumental solo with orchestra” was won by pianist Evgeny Kissin and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy for the second and third concertos of Sergei Prokofiev. Nomination is secondary — think about it, “the best solo”. And then, quite clear, for some reason, in which time it took for Valery Gergiev? “Shame look”, as used to say unforgettable comrade Caax in the “Caucasian captive”. Americans are very reluctantly give out the awards are not their own. So there is understandable motives.

In General, the ceremony “Grammy-2010” once again showed our show business — where we are and where they are. Most of our artists remind me of the furtive black marketeers, only able to steal or buy on the cheap some stuff (I mean songs) and give her an unattainable masterpiece.

New review: the 52nd ceremony of the Grammy awards 23.06.2017

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