New review: the 85th ceremony of “Oscar” 23.06.2017

I personally, making your personal forecast, guessed that “the best film of the year” at the 85th ceremony of “Oscar” recognize “Operation “Argo” Ben Affleck. Write that this is a political Thriller. But I think that is the wrong positioning of the film. The phrase “political Thriller” will surely scare a lot of women spectators. Despite the fact that this film is not so much about politics, but about the strength of spirit and patriotism. Alas, American, not Russian. Of the heroism with risk to life, committed by a man — in this case, a special agent, played by Ben Affleck.

This he devised and carried out ingenious operation “Argo” to rescue 6 American Embassy staff from within the insurgency of Tehran. I won’t tell the story. Film in good quality is in the Network. Do not be lazy. It’s worth it. Despite the fact that the picture is, of course, a lot of questions. Chief among them: why so long (several months) hostages languished within the walls of the canadian Embassy in the Iranian capital, unable even to go outside to get some air? Why the operation it was impossible to consider and implement within a week or two? The same can’t grasp: why was it necessary to drag the hostages at the Tehran market, where they were almost killed by the local aborigines? Why not just send to the airport under the guise of a film crew? In General, such questions after watching the movie a lot.

Meanwhile, you know — why “Operation “Argo”, and not, say, “Django unchained”. I think that academics voting for this movie, was guided by the following considerations. First, the film is based on real events, it is about real people, about real heroism, and it is always valued more than the movie is fictional and contrived. Until recently, all detail of this covert operation was kept secret. American filmmakers have done great job. They have their own history, short compared with the Russian, trying to move on the screen. Each episode of this story trying to film. Americans demonstrate to their citizens that their wonderful country a huge number of characters. This is what they need to learn. The Russians also know its history very bad. Because he had taught her at a very bad history books. It is no coincidence because attended Vladimir Medinsky (Minister of culture) creating a good tutorial. And today they are a little more than a hundred.

“Operation “Argo” — a film boring, it keeps the viewer in suspense until the last minute. This is the second. Thirdly, it is impossible not to fall under the spell of the Affleck. In the film, he is brilliant. Fourth, this is a very Patriotic movie. It is not straightforward jingoistic patriotism, and finely made psychological film-drama, after watching which on a subconscious level there is the love of country called the United States. The film is about how the country don’t throw in a trouble of the citizens, taking a big risk in the name of their salvation. If we have such a tragedy, I think, no one would bathe for the sake of the six diplomats. Now on the First channel goes series about Chapaev. But this kind of Santa Barbara, not a movie based on real events. All of these actors, I have a feeling, I have no idea who they are playing. But what a movie it was possible to remove about Vasily Chapaev! Not anecdotes, but real psychological drama of a man and military leader, who lived in a difficult time. That’s why Russian cinema in the near future does not Shine there is no “Oscar” (even in the secondary categories). Because we even Patriotic films work, as if felled with an ax. The same “White tiger” Shahnazarova marked on the last Mikhalkovskaya film festival. Well, it’s so clumsy work, it’s embarrassing for the Director. Well, okay. In the end, it’s not about us.

Why “Oscar” (in the main categories, about Christoph Waltz, I remember) ride “Django unchained”? Tarantino, of course, a great master. But when I saw this picture, I was not feeling something for me in her mind. I could not articulate his feelings. And only now can say. I was confused by the unlikelihood of this story. Such tales, mixed with political correctness in relation to black Americans. Former slave Django throughout the film destroys white “burzhuinov” them in revenge for years of slavery. Makes it fun playing. For Tarantino in General tend to crumble in the cabbage, dozens of people, pour the blood over the entire screen. And most importantly — all this fun, under the killer tune. Well, really not interesting already. Had a lot of time. Revenge in itself is disgusting, and revenge as a joke is doubly disgusting.

Best Director this time, the Academy recognized Taiwanese Director ang Lee for the film “Life of PI”. Good movie. But it is necessary to watch on the big screen, in 3D. Otherwise, all these effects are lost. The film is also about the power of the spirit. The plot — the confrontation between man and tiger in inhuman conditions, in the open ocean. The story did not tell. Those who have not seen, I recommend it. At least for home theater. I would strongly podsokratili in the film the survivor monologues of the main character with your insurance agent. And the rest — worthwhile movie. Although too much like a fairy tale. But in this case the tale is beautiful, not bloody like Tarantino.

About Jennifer Lawrence, who played the psycho girlfriend in the movie “My boyfriend the loony” and having taken this “Oscar” in the nomination “best actress”, I can say that here I am with the academics strongly disagree. The role of the checkpoint, the game actress is unconvincing. And the movie itself is kind of unclear.

Oh, and about Daniel day-Lewis, who played the 16th U.S. President in Steven Spielberg film “Lincoln.” In the film, a huge amount of dialogue. It loses much of its competitors on “Oscar”. It has few speakers. It’s just boring. Although the role of Lincoln in the history of the United States, at the end of the Civil war, a large and undeniable. The main achievement of day-Lewis in this movie, in my opinion, he really looks a lot like Abraham Lincoln. Makeup artists tried their best. But the image turned out a cardboard and overly positive. A sort of Ilya Muromets, which is the power of persuasion is fighting with the bad guys, unwilling to accept the 13th amendment abolishing slavery. Is this movie another advantage. It draws attention to important milestones in the history of the country. Makes you pick up a book and read, and that was it really. Wow, how interesting! Here it is how!

I would love to see a big smart movie about Russian leaders: Lenin, Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Stalin, etc. and not three-the series in which such great historical characters play a primitive half-educated students of VGIK or Theatre.

New review: the 85th ceremony of “Oscar” 23.06.2017

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