New review: the adventures of Mr. Peabody and Sherman 11.06.2017

I have to say, I have not watched the TV series rocky and Bullwinkle and a fan of this creation are not. To be honest going to the cinema, I was thinking about something quite different. I thought it was like the adventures of Jimmy Neutron and his friends. It would seem some kind of plagiarism or something new. Therefore, 9 April 2014, I decided to go.

What’s the story: Mr. Peabody and Sherman is constantly travel in a time machine, invented ironically by a dog. Of course, time travel heroes will learn the History of different countries and its heroes. This is a good start, if not to say that genius is the dog and not the boy Sherman (although he is interested in history, which is a plus for him). In General, the strange humor of the Americans, to give unmarried dog to adopt. Even without knowing who his parents were. In the beginning of the film telling and promoting. What I mean, all these trips are made with the noble aim of gaining knowledge and experience of what people have lived before us. And it would seem that everything is going well, Sherman finally goes to school and finds fast friends. Unfortunately, they are not particularly disclosed a sort of Carl and Tires. And all anything, if the guy is not flashed your knowledge about George Washington that he was sawing down a tree. What for a boy 7 years old, he knows many things. Well done. All in amazement and wonder where he got that idea. Most are surprised and angry at this, oddly enough. One of the girls, which is a senior’s party. Here the film begins a brand new line and beauty bitches, which starts teasing hero. Etc dog. But if you look, it really is an orphan and how he can learn in school is not clear. Penny Peterson — the name of the heroine, getting over it is not something that is fun, but to ask about the subjective truth. “Because your father is a dog, why aren’t you in a collar” and “do you eat dog food” and the like. In the end, she humiliates him and he bites her “like a dog”. As a result, Sherman complains about penny’s parents, and they in turn to the tutorship and guardianship authorities. Well given the plot, it makes sense. Miss Grunion — threatening Peabody taking Sherman to the orphanage. Peabody promises that he will try to establish a relationship with your family penny. By the way, the family of her good. The businessman father whose business is most important. The mother, who is seen adult but changed the original of his daughter penny. In General, they are not less surprised by the fact that Peabody is a dog. Sherman and the Singing do not want to chat. In order to somehow appeal to or Singing to burn, it shows the car the girl and sends her into the past. I certainly do not adhere to the concept of, “the woman on the ship, expect trouble”, but that’s how it all starts. Where a woman appears, i.e. penny, appear trouble, but not she and the heroes. I wonder if Jimmy Neutron did with Cindy, and then repented wherever he sent her. Whether it’s a tautology.

By the way, the authors acknowledged that they were inspired by Back to the Future and Jimmy Neutron. Trailer as I said was not bad, impressed. But the category of Age 0, just killed me while watching. The movie does up grown-up themes. The theme of parents, children, and teenage love. I didn’t have understanding or presentation, what will be the plot at all.

I really liked stories in which the main characters get in trouble, the way is not the fault of women. But because of excessive curiosity. Not fatal, but still curious how you can alter History. By the way, I was wondering how Peabody convinced Sherman that he was only the teacher and this guy in 7 years understands. Well a surprising number, by the way, in the course of the film, Sherman finally shows that never considered Peabody’s father. Right and it is a decision he made largely thanks to a new friend that changes his eyes. But for teenage love the characters too small. Seriously, the heroine behaves like a girl of 16-18 years. Yes, and the Sherman, like the guy is not of this world and the world of Ancient Rome and Greece. By the way, the Greeks immediately accepted into the family. Would be better if we showed that Peabody saved him from the earthquake, when he lost his parents and then adopted.

Peabody — talented and gifted inventor, who like Heinrich Muller nothing is alien to earth and he loves and take care of Sherman. However, it would be better if it made a genetically modified dog and that Sherman was the parents. So the story looks more plausible.

Sherman analogue of the Neutron, but I’d say no, just curious and all. Capable of mischief, but have a weak sense of humor. In General, to Jimmy Neutron him away.

Penny — is the actual analogue of Cindy Vortex and Astrid of the known films. Smart, driven, charismatic but also jealous. By the way, she’s my favorite character and her parents too. It is characterized by all the qualities of the heroine, which is an example of female independence and strength. However, she finds the hero weak and only at the end of the friendship takes. If I had one in my life would be Paradise.

The secondary characters are also well written. Especially Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa. I really liked the idea that the Mona Lisa have to laugh. Robespierre also shown a fanatic and a gravedigger. Then he catches himself, it’s just a story the Greeks are also well done bravely go to death, but with humor. Grunion and Director — is also well written, and should behave people perform their work.

Explanations Peabody about the patterns things interesting and quite understandable to the viewer. Humor, by the way, he is also good. But thanks to our brilliant actor Leonid Parfenov, in the American version all the more complicated. Liked the joke: “We’ll digest” and “I’m a gardener, I want to bring you back to earth”, or Sherman Greeks “Yes, he’s only 7, what war and service”. Jokes I must say, the film is a lot, but sometimes the question arises, and it is only for children or for adults. But this is minor.

The conclusion is about all you have seen, the typical sitcom with the movement of characters in time and space. In America such films and TV series a lot. I wanted to say “as a dog eat dog world”. However, the authors still made a good film. The rating I put, because I do not like to evaluate movies. But to be honest, “I’ve already seen somewhere”

New review: the adventures of Mr. Peabody and Sherman 11.06.2017

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