New review: the Agents of “shield” 07.06.2017

If it is brief to say about the show. If a more detailed examination all of its UPS and downs…


The worst. The usual procedural COP show, or the investigation of the week. In the beginning it was not very interesting, but in the end (so 16), the series soared in the second the first avenger, as the events of the film a very strong influence on the series so far.



Here the structure of the series changed, he began to have one overall storyline.

The number of action and unexpected twists increased (on some I sat with my mouth open, although usually to a state I have not reached). And in General the series has become darker. Even if he starts slow (series 2-3) but then comes an uncompromising, hard (unfortunately not like Netflix, but will go) and it all ends with an ambiguous ending. BRAVO !!!



This is incredible! The third season better than the second. The writers have outdone themselves, events are many times bigger still surprising twists and turns from the jaw drops sharply down and most importantly what the series is no fillinich series and sagging (well, maybe a couple of these episodes, but I didn’t notice) and again the ambiguous ending.



To describe this season, I wanted to use profanity, but I will skoromniy. This season is better than the three previous combined. I just have nothing more to say. I will add that the series is divided into 3 acts and the first a little weak, but it is to introduce new characters and give a bit of the old dark past, because it will need (seriously every detail will play a role in the future). Absolute wines (or win what you want).


Well, lastly I would like to note three very colorful characters throughout the series. And Phil Coulson is not one of them.

The first is Grant ward. Acting incredible (towards the end of the first season for sure) and history of the character is just gorgeous, his actions are understandable and logical. The second character is Hades, the gorgeous villain with a really clear motivation, an actress in one season managed to play 5 different characters perfectly. Well, in the end I have Fitz in the beginning was the usual nerd, but in all subsequent seasons, he delights me. His character all the more evolved (I think) the actor is good.

My advice to you is try to be patient the first season and then you will not regret it. This is the best superhero TV series on comics in General (even better than your Netflix series).

For the entire series

10 out of 10

New review: the Agents of “shield” 07.06.2017

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