New review: ‘the AHP of Erech’ Roald Dahl 29.06.2017

Absolutely charming film, causing an absolute emotion with its subtle British humor, the lightness, the prettiness and coziness!

“The AHP of Erech” — the film adaptation of the book by the famous English writer Roald Dahl, who wrote many bestsellers, some of which have been filmed and millions of viewers around the world, for example: “Charlie and the chocolate factory” and “the Witches”(1990), and “Gremlins,” and animated films “fantastic Mr. Fox” and “James and the giant peach”, and fantasy “Matilda”(1996) about a girl with superpowers, as well as the “Big friendly giant” during filming which took himself Steven Spielberg.

Old Mr. Hoppy is in love with a neighbor, Mrs. silver, who lives on the floor below, but he lacks the courage to confess her feelings. Seeing that Mrs. silver’s upset that her favorite turtle is not growing, Mr Hoppy is solved on a desperate step: he writes for her “spell” and convinced that it must be read in the turtle three times a day for one month, after which it will grow in two times. Himself, Mr. Hoppy buys hundreds of turtles of various sizes that flooded his entire apartment, and replaces them with a specially modified rod. Throughout the film the audience will watch for the sake of his beloved Mr. Hoppy to be every day to perform feats, disentangle from the sticky situation, sometimes risking their lives and abandoning their dreams to fulfill the dream of Mrs. silver (Canadian Scottish fishing trip…fishing trip… New fishing rod…Some bait). Himself Mr. Hoppy courageously says that “the price of love”.

The highlight of the film is the manner of filing this story, addressing the audience, says the character of James Corden, from the mouth of whom we learn about the thoughts and feelings of the characters. It is as if we were reading a book with a visual incarnation. Interesting and funny course. Of course, a large share of the charm of this movie rests on the main characters, played by “mastodon” actor Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench. Of course no complaints! Perfect! Talented! Excellent! Judi Dench is in her 80s does not cease to radiate youth and energy. And Hoffman, as always, compelling in its poignancy. Did not disappoint and Richard Cordery, who played a really mean neighbor and rival, Mr Hoppy.

In this film together the warmth and passions; he is a seasoned old jazz singles and subtle English humor.

Mr. Hoppy has decided to abandon plan A. fortunately, the fundamental rule of life is that if plan a failed, plan B usually brings results. If plan B is implemented, a plan C always works. The problem was that he had no plan B, no plan C.

When watching this TV, you revel in every scene as the melody. No cost and without surprises in the end. The word charming was invented for just such occasions.

9 out of 10

New review: ‘the AHP of Erech’ Roald Dahl 29.06.2017

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