New review: the Amityville Horror: the Awakening 11.10.2017

I will not just throw shit and say how bad the film is. Already the trailer it was clear that the film is weak, and watch it in the cinema just not worth it, if well, absolutely nothing to see, eye to check out. I rarely watch low budget films, and then right from the first frame feels all the pain and decay of the creators with empty pockets.

The plot in a nutshell — the family moves into the same house in the same Amityville (Although in fact this city is called Amatil, and only professionals know why they call it that way). Mother, and your children — the younger and the older daughter, and a brother who is 2 years in a coma. And 40 years later, after the very first event (the film version of recent years, they simply ignore) the murder in this house, evil reawakens and finds refuge in a poor flatliners.

See the entire budget went on not exactly no-name actors, what a miracle there ran by the main evil in this film, I do not understand. Monahan, chief ginger from the TV series “Shameless”, apparently tired from his romantic role in the hold, and hit the winds, have already played the Joker, not so bad way, but in this film he probably remembered how he played the Joker, and a few moments of this hidden, kameo was seen. The main character, a version of keira Knightley for the poor so to speak. The game is at 3 out of 10, the log would have definitely played better. Home mother in the film is Jason Lee the way I played not bad, though the character she’s weird and that’s putting it mildly, although I can’t judge how I would behave in such a situation. About the rest and say nothing at all.

The main failure of this film, is that he fear in Amityvile and not just chilling in some town, or Horror in the house. If it wasn’t too popular of a location that would not be as a way to hypnoti on the name, it would be better. The screenplay, surprisingly, not the worst, in General terms, it is even good, though from the first minute you know it will end and what’s the General gist. But the idea is actually not bad, but the film is desperately short of money, the Director with a normal name and a normal main character. The script sags in places, so that I could laugh in his voice, but I’m not gonna lie, a couple of times even jerked from fright.

The film is not necessarily completely, from the initial story here and attempt to justify the plot twist of events, which could occur in any home with horror, and this is the main puncture of the film. Put higher valuation for a good idea, but unfortunately bad implementation. Hopefully someone more experienced will soon steal and will re-shoot in the best light!

6 out of 10

New review: the Amityville Horror: the Awakening 11.10.2017

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