New review: the Amityville Horror: the Awakening 27.07.2017

The appearance in the hire of a new series of very long franchises (ten movies and a remake) about a bad house eyes the Windows did not inspire optimism. First, the franchise has degenerated already on the second movie, and a couple of decades fans of the original consumed a substitute something about a watch from the cursed estate, it is about Dollhouse-a copy. Second, a remake of 2005 though, the feedback was positive, but the silence in twelve years after its release clearly hints at the interest of the producers, and viewers to this story. Finally, the subtitle “the Awakening” usually means “an old song in a new way”, but in such way that it would be better removed another remake. Recall, “sharknado: the Awakening”, “underworld: Awakening” or “the omen 4: the Awakening”.

The more pleasant it was to be deceived. No, the movie wasn’t a revelation, and even “new breath”, but it honestly filmed horror movie, filmed with respect to the original, with excellent acting, Jennifer Jason Leigh, the interest to the person whom after “the hateful eight”, Tarantino deservedly returned. By the way, the franchise is often carried on striking the names James Brolin, Rod Steiger, Burt young, Meg Ryan, Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Chloe grace Moretz are just some of the well-known actors, appeared in a terrible house.

The film has a good script — not perfect (promising storyline school friends home heroine merged torn off in the middle of nowhere), but intriguing. And finally, in the film he poured a small proportion of post-modernism, completely absent in the remake — the characters are not only aware about the history of the scary house, but read about it… even watched the movies about him: when the boy-wannabe pulls out from the backpack “the Amityville Horror” 1979 “Amityville 2: the possession” 1982, and even the remake of 2005, it seems like you are in the good old “Scream” — they only left to discuss, as they lost their keeprightonline, and how to survive himself.

You guessed it, the new “Amityville” is not a remake and not even the continuation of the franchise is really trying to “start over”, leaving the previous films in the real world. Director Frank Khalfoun shoots rarely but aptly — his “Parking” 2006 was a great claustrophobically Thriller and a remake of “Maniac” in 2012 led to look again at “the hobby”-Elis wood in the role of murderer. Apparently, “the Amityville Horror: the Awakening” was given to Alfano hard to keep the “teen” rating from the movie povyrezali the worst of the stage — reviewing the trailer after the movie you will notice that it is not seen half of horrible fragments in the feed. In the credits is 2015, so the film a couple of years “lay on the shelf” (or in “production hell” — as you prefer). Perhaps this explains the “short” story line friends character. Well, here is what is left after all the cuts…

The house of the damned the number 112 in Amityville new family moving (yet not very original, isn’t it?) However, the difficult family — tired but indomitable mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh), her teenage daughter Belle (Bella Thorne, who played in the series “Scream”), the youngest daughter — just a copy of the girl from “Poltergeist” and the main “dark horse” — disabled son James, bedridden. We do not explain the story of his injury until about the middle of the film, and rightly so — on this intrigue a lot of things keeps. Why would a family with such trouble, decided to move? The reason is, but at first her voice is rather arbitrary, like, there’s closer to good hospitals. Mother fanatically believes in the healing of James, at the time, how tired to take care of brother and Belle finds that his brain is already dead. This is a pretty strong conflict, and even if the house is not the hell (and you guessed it, she will), quite interesting to observe the complex relations in the family. After all, Belle is somehow connected with what happened to his brother… And the mother’s health my son is not so harmless as it may seem at first glance…

The first half of the film develops not too vigorously (several times we retell the story of the lost there of his family, which for forty years already memorized), but then it will be pretty creepy. The intertwining of guilt of the characters with the growing power of the house gives a good synergistic effect, and when the care of the mother begins to give incest (either real, or prividevshayasya character), then it really starts hard.

Formally, the main character is Belle, but the makeup artists clearly had it bad under makeup “goth”. Perhaps they are not aware of what “goth”culture is not in Vogue, and nineteen-year-old actress in this makeup looks ten years older than his years. But every appearance in the frame Jason Lee is a real benefit — it is a pity that in the film she is given not much time.

The film contains some disgusting (in a good way) scenes, that make the picture even for body horror, and even fans of Tokoroa will be something to see.

It would be very interesting to see what the Director had planned to show to the “circumcision” of the film — even the pieces of the trailer hinted that the sight was grim. But in the current version of “the Amityville Horror” should be given a chance. In the end, when in the twelfth series of the franchise the characters calmly discuss the first, second and eleventh part?

8 out of 10

New review: the Amityville Horror: the Awakening 27.07.2017

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