New review: the Arrival 03.10.2017

Denis Villeneuve this time he removed something that even I can hardly describe. From a scientific point of view, I can’t handle it because I’m not a linguist or a physicist-mathematician to give some explanation. In this film greatly raised the issue of loneliness, albeit a very disguised.

Science fiction about first contact very much and they often all end in tears. Die us or them. Sometimes reaching a compromise, but when people abruptly turn into real freaks and monsters (a vivid example of the film “Area N9”). This picture shows the other side of contact with aliens. They are harmless, curious, friendly and arrived with one single purpose — to help humanity.

Honestly, how much would opinions have not read, they all say that crying at the end of each for a reason, but my eyes were wet. Because I was sad to realize the fact that it’s all going to collapse just because of one little event.

In conclusion, I want to say that Villeneuve may be a genius, but as for me with more serious and tough film “the Killer”, also touches on very interesting aspects of humanity, but this movie deserves a ribbon, I can even say that must see. The most important thing — “the Arrival” has done what no one could make “interstellar”.

8 out of 10

New review: the Arrival 03.10.2017

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